Thursday, February 5, 2009

Do and Re-do

My first day of teaching, I remember being privately horrified at the realization that I would be repeating myself all day long. The horror abated , but the repetition did not.

It became a singular theme in my life, which took me back to the days of Pete and Re-Pete. Does anyone remember that nonsense?

This same feeling of repetition surfaces when one of my adult daughters says- "I thought we already talked about that..." As in deja vu all over again.

Or when we keep planting and re-planting grass in the back yard, watch it die, and then plant it again.

The list is endless but not always irritating. I love the repetition of liturgy in the Episocopal church. I am serenely satisfied with seeing the same faces over and over again on Sunday.

And although I do miss the finite/repetitious nature of grammar , I seemed to have abandoned ship and joined the world of writing with facial features : dashes and commas, long run-on sentences, excessive modifiers, gratuitous sentiment, and multiple fragments.

It reminds me of rhetorical bedazzling. It is very liberating.

I enjoyed being in the same classroom for years. I love rituals and traditions, particularly at Christmas. I like line dances and my early morning routine in making coffee in my Bunn coffeemaker (quicker is better).

I love the repetition of names and endearments , as in the name my oldest grandson gave me: Ma Do (pronunciation: as in she will do it).

I really love it that my youngest grandson- his little brother -shortened it to Do.

Do and Re-do.

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