Monday, February 23, 2009

Name One Thing You Were Taught By Your Parents (Please Comment)

As a babyboomer, I face two trains of thought:

A. There will not be enough social security, TRS money , ________ money (fill in the blank), water,non-polluted air, oil, or non-toxic food to meet the needs of a joyful, peaceful retirement,not only for us, but for future generations as well,


B. I am the progeny of the last great generation in the universe, and I don't care what you throw at their offspring, we are going to figure it out , or more importantly, be able to live with it because our parents taught us 'things'.

My parents taught me -

To not interrupt. This is on our endangered species list, I will admit. Because I learned this so well, I do a great deal of listening. I also learned this lesson so well that I will stop, when I get interrupted, to allow the other person to continue with his/her interruption.

To allow company to go first. You go ahead. Here, get in front of me.

To not brag.

To keep a tight rein.

To not exclude anyone. Invite everyone.

To not talk about where you were invited.

To reach out to someone at boarding school, who was homesick too.

To say yes mam and no mam.

To love just a little bit of the Honky Tonk. Well, maybe to just love the Honky Tonk.

To bow up when things don't feel right.

To not run when crossing the street.

To not ask how someone voted.

To understand when my father said, "You don't have any business doing that," or "Did you learn anything?"

To say thank you.

To tell people they look nice, or did a good job, or that things are going to be OK.

To say I love you .

This is not a finite list.

But I want to hear from you. What did you learn?

Please comment.


Anonymous said...

I know it's a little late to be commenting on this post, but I just found your blog today and am enjoying working my way through. I'm a Baby Boomer, too, and one thing that bothers the life out of me is people's lack of consideration for others around NOISE. Recently, our image of children seems to include them yelling and screaming and howling all the time. When I was young, Mother constantly said to me, "Quiet down, Christina, you're bothering [whoever]." In restaurants, I was expected to behave like an adult (or as close as I could come to it), sit quietly, NOT run around the restaurant bothering people at the other tables, and to BE QUIET - to keep my voice down. We now have two or three generations of kids NOT raised in this manner, and I think this explains the epidemic of cell phone talkers who feel the need to share their phone calls with everyone within earshot. It bothers me endlessly that when I'm out in the world, I can't get away from other people's conversations. I'm not INTERESTED in other people's conversations. There's so much NOISE in the world now - it's very disturbing to me.

Thanks for your wonderful blog.


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