Friday, May 22, 2009

Thinking and Writing

     Because I love to write-need to write- thoughts and the subsequent words attached to them have always been important to me. I think this dormant need was simmering under the surface, as I spent years grading and assessing the writing of others. 

     In retrospect, how frustrating that must have been for Laura the Teacher.  That’s sort of like working at the wonderful party but not being a guest.

     I wrote , certainly, over the years I spent in a high school English classroom, but I realize now , it was primarily ORAL. I became a master of sorts in thinking ON MY FEET and having rough drafts ,on all sorts of topics ,fall from my lips.

     To add to the mix I got to say the most powerful words in teaching and egoism:

     “Write this down.”

     In my own way, I guess, I was part of that well -known oral tradition of the world’s earliest storytellers and thinkers. That makes sense. I could never find my pen anyway, and I REFUSED to wear it around my neck.

     My thinking and writing style have always felt more analytical than narrative.  I enjoy a good story , no doubt, but when I write, it feels more like ‘pondering’ than story-telling.

     I have often said that my FAVORITE job would be to sit in an office and have people stop by to ask me what I think. ON ANTHING.

     All of this thinking sometimes gets me in trouble and has the power to create complications in my life.  I have been known to do some mind-reading/mind-controlling of family members’ thinking ( which has not been as appreciated as I would have liked).  Fancy that.

     Thinking too much about people, places, and things can eventually become a little too self -directed or even self-centered .  The usual antidote is fairly simple and God , along with my mother, directed:

God and my mother: Get up, Laura, get up.”

God and my mother: “There are dishes to do, plants to water, clothes to wash, attention to give, prayers to pray, people to call, sleeping to do, issues to face, and above all Laura, letting go to do.”

God and my mother: “Get up, Laura, get up. You can think/write about it later. We promise. Just get up.”


Karen said...

So well written, Laura. Glad you are blogging again. It's sooo good for the soul and keeps that mind busy.

Sandra said...

I love your writing! Letting Go is so difficult, but Holding On {for dear life ;-)} and Smothering is so much more damaging, isn't it? What a fine line . . .

Deb said...

I can relate to the smothering part...I've had a bad habit of trying to hold on to I'm learning to let others make their own mistakes and pay for them as worrying is not going to stop them only cause me is amazing how much better I feel..not feeling like I'm responsible for others still tries to creep in have to push it back...

Domestic Designer said...

Love the post and your writing. You always inspire! Have a wonderful day!

Unknown said...

That is simply inspiring and thought provoking. I am just in awe.

Vintage Chicken said...

I enjoy your posts - there is something so familiar and comforting in your words. Just let go and write!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Dixie said...

Laura... wonderful post. I saw myself in your words... dare I say... many, if not most, of we daughters/sisters/wives/mothers/grandmothers will find ourselves with many of these same characteristics...

thanks, once again, for putting it into words for us!

hope hubby is doing well. Take care.. and now... Get up Dixie! get up!

Elizabethd said...

Beautifully written Laura, thank you.

Annie said...

What wonderful thoughts you've shared with us. So...sit down Laura, there are blogger friends out there waiting to "hear" the voice that you have found.

Rebecca said...

Are we sisters? Maybe twins separated at birth!

Joy said...

With good words like this I think you should sit down and write. All that other stuff just gets in our blogging way.
Aren't you so happy we have this wonderful blogger world to write our thoughts into and release them. I've written a similar post (how writing out my thoughts has helped me) that is scheduled for next week.


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

My husband was the writer in the family. I never thought I wanted to write..and then I found blogging...and began to write. But before long someone attacked me AND my writings so I pulled everything..and trying to stick to the usual..but...I am drawn to writing.
I so wish I had your background. It will be so much easier for you. I should do what you enjoy.
Being older I need to stop caring quite so much about what others think...but perhaps that is easier written than practiced.
Enjoy, is short!

Debbie's Garden said...

Well no one here will say "Get up Laura, Get up"!
I love the "feel" of writing. Pretty pens, pretty ink colors, pretty papers. I still have a cousin I write letters to, WITH STAMPS! Her computer died and she hasnt replaced it.
Blogging is pretty, with pictures and colors and you can erase and rewrite. But I do still love paper/pen.

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Hi Laura~
I love love love your writing and I am just reading about your husband being in the hospital. I am late in leaving a comment and I hope by now, all things are better.
everything vintage

Jennsmere said...

Such a sweet post! I so relate to what you are talking about...I'm constantly making mental notes about something I read or hear, thinking "Oh that would be a good post!" OR, I am snapping a picture of something beautiful, or sketching out an idea for an art piece!

Sometimes, I just need ponder....
Bless you,

The Texas Woman said...

"...more analytical than narrative. I enjoy a good story , no doubt, but when I write, it feels more like ‘pondering’ than story-telling"

You touched a lot of cords in me this post but majorly the above quote. I feel this too in my writing. What starts out light, ends up overwritten. But I'm learning!

The Texas Woman


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