Saturday, February 27, 2010

These Are the Moments


        These are the moments indeed; I could not ask for more- driving down highway 16 in deep South Texas headed to my nephew’s play-off basketball game.  Four people all bound and crowded together in my husband’s truck headed to see our favorite common denominator- my nephew Trey.

        If you ever have a chance, look at this stretch of highway on a Texas map stretching from Hebbronville to Poteet.  There is nothing other than a few small towns and entrances to ranches- at least until you hit a really big ranch (125,000 acres) called the Duval County Ranch .

        My father’s comment from the back seat?

This country’s hard.”



        Guess what I think? I think it’s beautiful.  Especially when we hit patches of this.


        In order to get this picture, I had to ask several times.  It went something like this.

Me:  “Ooh- those flowers are so pretty- I want to take a picture.”

My husband, the driver:  “There’ll be some over that hill.”

Me: “Oh- those are REALLY pretty (craning my neck).”

My husband, the driver:  “I’m sure we’ll see more.”

        When we reached our destination (Poteet, Texas, home of the strawberry), and I negotiated a drive around town for junk stores, I heard my father say to his hunting buddy in the back seat, “She’s looking for ANTIQUES,”  and “I’m not carrying a piece of furniture home for 4 hours in my lap.”

        As we rounded a corner, and I saw an old buffet without drawers sitting on the curb with other trash- I shouted, “Stop!”

        Amid more mumblings from the cat hunters in the back seat, my husband said,

No. There’s a man in the front yard with a machete!”




      Even without the convenient photo ops, the junk stores, and the machete protected dresser, I was in HEAVEN.

        We ate supper at Don Juan’s ( chicken fried steak, hamburger steak , and chalupas- not EACH), and then we headed to the game.     


        I thought my days of butterfies before a high school sporting event were behind me.  After all, I had survived three daughters’ participation in sports, cheerleading, 4H competitions, lamb shows, and UIL debate.

        But no- they were back- until my nephew’s team had an almost 30 point lead and everyone was smiling.



        Here’s the snack I bought for the ‘guys’ for the ride home. I bought them here.


        The ride to and from the game took 9 hours… but I was in HEAVEN. I could not ask for more.


Julie Harward said...

I Love it...these are the times and the things in life that are real! Sounds like my life of following my kids around all over the state to basketball and soccer games...and it was fun! Thanks for sharing the day! Come say hi :D

Sonny G said...

Great post~! So glad they won their game. Those peanuts look yummy. Applause to you seeing the BEAUTY along the rougher sections of road..

Deb said...

what a fun trip....and pretty husband loves those peanut patties....

Anonymous said...

Love this post. I am so glad that you have a close knit, happy family that is supportive of each other. Family is the most important...

Karen said...

Love your pictures of the countryside we call "home".
I'm so happy for Trey, his team mates and all of his family supporters. These days are so precious and wonderful memory makers. You're getting a stab at days we thought were long-gone. Lucky you!
Your dad... he is so all man! I'd like to give him a hug when I see him but I know he would be terribly embarrassed. Oh well...
Love your posting, Laura.
Ladybug Creek

Blondie's Journal said...

I love Karen saying your dad is so 'all man'!! I wanted to say he looked like he was from Texas but I was afraid to offend in some way (although I mean it in a good...strong sort of way!). You sound like you were a lot of fun on this all guy trip. Do they give you trouble? ;-)

There is a song by Natalie Merchant called These Are Days (we will remember). I hope you read this post and remember those flowers and that road and that excitement before the game.


Debra@CommonGround said...

Thanks for the "ride-along" Laura, I'm thinkin' that even with a machete, when it comes to "antiques", you could've taken him! That peanut thingy looks pretty yummy. Did Trey get his ham?
love ya,

Theresa said...
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Theresa said...

Oh how I enjoyed that ride down that long road! Oh how sweet to have your Dad in the back seat:) Love it, dear Laura! You are really making memories that will last a lifetime. Happy you got to go and sounds like a great game. Have a great rest of the weekend!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Thanks for sharing your trip and glad to hear his team won! Well - Did you buy anything!?!? :-)
Thanks for sharing the flowers, as everything is still brown and gray here.
Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Jenny said...

Totally my kind of trip! What fun! Thanks for sharing! Sorry your Dad didn't want to hold the furniture on his lap, though.

Debbie's Garden said...

Wow that is some FLAT country. I thought 57 down Illinois was flat. Its like you can see forever.
You will remember these trips. Its 9 hours of well spent time.

Marguerite said...

What a fun day for all of you! To a Cajun, family is sacred, and combined with fun, is the best! Love your photos, as always! Thanks for sharing!

trash talk said...

Nine hours of pure bliss, right? We love our men down here and to say he looks like he's from Texas is high praise indeed. Tell Jane that he's not just from Texas...he is Texas...just the way we love 'em, prickly as that second photo.
BTW, I love a good peanut patty myself...another one of our treasures like your daddy!

Deb said...

Sounds like a great day with dad. He looks like a very sweet man. His remark about holding the furniture in his lap is very funny. Love those Texas men!

Sarah said...

I grew up in south TX so those sights are most familiar. Mesquite trees with their thorns, a giant peanut patty, wide open spaces, . . . Glad your nephew's teem won the game.

June said...

Laura, Trey is the luckiest young man I know. To have you all jump in a truck and drive nine hours to watch his game has given me even more reason to admire and love you.

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Nine hour trip is worth every minute of it.... I like the phrase "This country is hard".... ~bangchik

Tanza said...

Hi Laura,
Soo happy I popped in for the wonderful ride-along with you all !! How fun !! EvEn better the game was a winner !! High school games are soo much fun and truly memory makers for the entire family !! Machete or not, I think I would of taken it ... hahaha ... hoping you have a wonderful Sunday ~
hugs ~tea~xo

Simple Home said...

It sounds like a wonderful day. It's obvious you have a very special and loving family!

Barbara said...

Laura, I assume you did not get the dresser.

What a great trip, I love the comments of your men folk. Ihave been to Poteet....long ago. In fact I went to college with a guy that went there to teach....long time ago. Family time brings great memories.


Nancy's Notes said...

Laura, I thoroughly enjoyed your post, what a great one! I so get a kick out of your humor!Road trips to sporting events are so much fun, I think it's just awsome that you are all getting to do that again with your nephew! How nice it is to have your dad join you, loved seeing pictures of him!

Michelle said...

This trip does sound like fun. I too have to negotiate stopping for pictures and junk stores. Too bad about the guy with the machete!

Lavender Chick said...

Wonderful post! It's those unexpected times that make family and memories so special...

Domestic Designer said...

Sounds like great fun and you made so many precious memories.

Susan B said...

Hi Laura,
I loved your post! It sounds like everyone really had a great time. Thank you for stopping by my blog, and your kind comments. I've enjoyed reading some of your posts....and (not to be a copy cat or anything...)am now a follower of your blog. :o)

I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Sooo..I'm guessing you didn't get the drawerless buffet? Well...shoot!
Next time? :)

Unknown said...

Chuckling as we travel down the road with you ... what a hoot these fellas! Glad the game was won, that you had a lovely time, all arrived home safe & sound.

Have a wonderful week.
TTFN, Hugs ~ Marydon

Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

Laura, great post! Even though I'm a Georgia girl, I think every southerner has a little bit of Texas inside! It's just big, open, and makes me think of cowboys. If my hubby could come back as king of a country or a cowboy, there would be no question - a cowboy. Anyway, Texas to me says "America"! Linda

Ann said...

Thats my idea of a Heavenly trip too. At our life group last night we were talking about how to "Live in the Moment" and not to look back at the past or to always think about tomorrow. I think you are enjoying the now. Great post.

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