Wednesday, May 26, 2010

First Things First and I Have Questions

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First things first:

My Thank You Giveaway ends this evening at 10:00 pm CST.

I will announce the winner as soon as I get back home this weekend. 

I am attending a training of trainers’ session to add an additional qualification to the consulting I already do.

Secondly, I have questions, Round III.

 1.  How do you manage your photos?  Do you have them saved on your hard drive, do you buy extra memory cards, do you print them, do you save them on an external hard drive, do you create CDs ,or do you not have a system and everyday is a new day?

2.  How do you manage lighting when taking photos – when natural light is poor, and you do not want to use your flash?

3.  Do you use a tripod? Why?

4.   I am having problems with taking photos of room arrangements.  The result is that things look too small, or I have zoomed in so much I am not getting a large perspective of the entire piece of furniture.

How are you able to do this?


I just want to get better.


Unknown said...

WOW! I caught this one as soon as you posted. That doesn't happen often!
I keep all of my photos on my hard drive but I also have an external hard drive that I back up on occasionally. I use Photo Shop Elements and LOVE it. You can edit your photos and do all sorts of things with it. Including lightening up those photos that you take indoors. I also write all of my posts in Windows Live Writer where you can also do some limited editing like cropping and adjusting contrast and light. No tripod.
I also have problems taking photos of room arrangements so will look forward to hearing what people suggest concerning this. Great questions! This should be interesting and informative for all of us!

Sandra said...

Oh my gosh, Laura! I have been thinking the same thing! I have a great camera...(for me anyway) lol It's a Canon Rebel XTi but i'm still learning how to use it. lol I don't use a tripod but I always tell hubby that I need one. I have an external hard drive that I bought the day after Thanksgiving for an amazing price. It'll be a long long time before I run out of least I hope. I use Windows Live Writer too. It is amazing. The only problem is that a little thumbnail will not appear when other bloggers have that feature on their blog list, kwim? I didn't have my coffee this morning so I might be rumbling. hee hee I need to buy photo shop elements. I usually edit my pictures with CorelMedia One or Paint Shop Pro but I'd still like to buy Photo Elements.
Can't wait to see what everyone else does with their photos.

Theresa said...

Well, not that I would follow what I do:) but... I only use a tripod when I am getting in the photo. I do some of all of question #1. I have an external hard drive, if I upload them to print then I also put them on a CD. All of my old photos are way unorganized. I keep that on my to-do list but haven't tackled it yet. I started scrapbooking years ago but I just have too many pictures!

I just usually take pictures of the entire room and crop them but sometimes what I wanted to show is blurry... I would love to take a class someday:)

Have a blessed day! HUGS!

Anonymous said...

I use a Canon Rebel XTI. Sooo much to learn about it even though I have had it a year and a half. Yep, I'm slow that way. I download all of my photos into iPhoto on my Mac computer. I can do a little editing there, but also have Photoshop Elements I can use, but it confuses me so hardly ever use it. I make my headers in iWeb.

I have an external hard drive that I have some of my lesser used photos on and vintage photos. Need to transfer a ton of my iPhoto shots onto it AGAIN.

It's hard to get a good shot of a room since I hate using a harsh flash so have to open every curtain and turn on every light in the house to get enough natural light for the shot... crop crop crop crop... That's my motto and I'm sticking to it!

Oh, and yes, I have and use a tri-pod, but would like another one, smaller, that's more portable instead of dragging the big one around.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I'm all ears on this post because I, too, am trying very hard to learn photography.

Unknown said...

I have no clue what any of you are talking about, but my hubs does it all for me & knows. Sorry.

Have a memorable & safe Memorial weekend.
TTFN ~Hugs, Marydon

Claudia said...

I have a Mac and I have all my photos in iPhoto. I need to buy an external hard drive...but I haven't yet. I used to save my memory cards, but now after uploading the photos to iPhoto, I delete the photos on the memory card. I do all my editing on Picnik - it is a fantastic, free editing site. Since I want my photos to be artistic but not full of special effects, that works for me.

I have a mini tripod that I sometimes use, especially when I want a steady hand. Lighting is always a problem. I don't use a flash, so when the lighting is too dark, I try and edit the photo in Picnik. Usually, that works. Other times, I just have to wait until a better, sunnier day. But sometimes too much sun is a problem as well. I know photographers have all sorts of things they do to add 'natural' lighting. But for now, that's what I do. I have a Canon SX10IS.


Nancy's Notes said...

Hi Laura, great questions. Jennifer has to keep me straight on this sort of thing. I keep mine on Picasa and Photoworks. I don't use an ipod. I am learning more about photography now that I am blogging, so much to learn. I have a Cannon S90 and love it! I do edit and crop in Picasa.


Jojo said...

I wish I had tips and tricks. I am the worst and actually would enjoy attending a seminar on the subject. When some of the Atlanta bloggers get together, I bring up my "issues" encouraging them to create a program but it's much more fun to socialize.

All my photos are on Picasa and my son helps me with complicated pictures. He has a Nikon...something fancy. And yes, he uses a tripod.

Unknown said...

Hi Laura,
#1 I keep them on my hard drive, but I'm going to get an external the first chance I get.
#2 I never use a flash. I usualy wait for a brighter day, but I only shoot on the manual setting and adjust my light meter until I get the camera to the setting I need (Fstop) I also change the ISO as needed to adjust for lighting.
#3 I don't have a tripod
#4 I wish I could photograph entire rooms better, but I would then have to buy a DSLR and I am happy with what I have and don't want to bother with changing lens etc. If I did it as a business I would probably go to the expense, but it's just for my blog.
I don't use a photo editing program (except Picassa to watermark the photos) I do however take several shots of the same thing on different settings and pick the one I like best.
I would love to learn more as well and I need to read more about digital photography.

Olive said...

I am such an enfant terrible to blogging I need to know all of this and now I'll go take a Prozac. Just kidding. I basically tell stories on my blog. The photos, I thought will come along, and I have slowly started. Laura thanks for the post. The comments were instructive.


Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Different people have different photo needs.

I'd say figure out what you truely want to save forever and 1. print them, 2. burn them to one maybe two cds stored in different places and 3. back them up to an external hard drive. But, I'd also back up everything to an external hard drive dumping old archives if you need the space.

To just be able to access photos easily, I download photos to a folder with the date as the name. Then, I create another folder inside that folder to put the ones I truely want to save forever labeld 'printed' and the date. It makes it easy to find all the photos I want to back up like mentioned above.

I also use Google's Picasa. You can write captions or labels and use it in many ways to search for photos on your computer.

I don't know about taking photos of room arrangements. I only seem to use my tripod when I set the timer to be in a photo or for it to take a sequence of shots. I prefer natural lighting but sometimes I need the flash.

Like I said, everyone has their own photo needs. The one thing I can say is universal is keep up with your photos. Don't let them pile up uncatagorized or whatever or it will become a huge task that you can't find time to do. I spent a whole summer in high school helping my mom organize 30 some years of photos at the time. I've kept up with my photos ever since! :-)

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

I am a long, long way from being a photography expert! I keep my photos on my hard drive. I try to take pictures only when there is good natural light. If not available I turn on every lamp in the room. I sometimes use a tripod, especially if I am doing a closeup. I use Picasa on almost every photo I take and have found it is better to crop than try to take a very close up photo.

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Great Questions Laura!

All I can say is....

I totally ditto what Denise said above. It's exactly what I do and what I know. Is she like my twin or something????


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