Sunday, July 4, 2010

Echo Week 17: Market


In the world of blogging , nice surprises occur right when you least expect it.

That should be the definition of ‘surprise’, right?

I was flattered and honored to be invited to participate in Susan Tuttle and Chrysti Hydek’s weekly Echo prompt: Market, by myTexas blogging friend

Diane Cook


Rosa and Josie’s

Diane is incredibly talented and long before she invited me to partner with her, I thought

‘I have got to get my hands on her jewelry.’

After seeing it, my reaction was just that simple.

Visit her blog and you will see what I mean.

Our Echo entry is posted above , and Diane handled all of the creating.

This is her description of her half of the photo (left).


My picture is on the left, of freshly dug carrots sitting in a vendor's booth last May as we visited the Austin Farmer's Market

It was a beautiful day as we went along with our daughter to meet one of her best friends, Laura =), who had just recently moved back to Texas, and now lives in Austin.  

We loved touching and smelling the beautiful produce and enjoyed talking with the vendors that sunny day. 

What a sense of pride we felt from them, as they described the produce they had brought in to sell, displaying it in bountiful heaps on their tables.

My Explanation

If given the choice between a market or store, I will pick market every single time.

This speaks pretty accurately not only of my preference, but also of my personality

I enjoy the simplicity of it all, including the people. I enjoy speaking Spanish to the vendors, as remedial as my Spanish may be.

In South Texas markets are an explosion of color, food, flowers, wares of all kinds, and music.  I took this photograph at La Pulga (translation:  the flea), a flea market in a small community near where I live.

On an early Saturday morning visit, you can find seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables, Mexican candy, freshly squeezed juices , and if you are interested in buying a goat, or cabrito, hay for your cattle, a cantera fountain, or a new rose bush, you can do that as well.
It is the simplest form of shopping pleasure for me.  I have on my baseball cap, no makeup, money and keys in my pocket, and a smile on my face.


What to join in?  Go here, to see Susan's post and details on Echo.


Anne Lorys said...

I never visited any flea's while in the Valley. I can see that I really did miss out!

Have a safe and Happy Fourth!

Diane said...

The echo looks so beautiful on your blog Laura =) The colors are spectacular aren't they???
Thanks for participating with me....
My dh is outside cooking ribs and I am inside freezing vanilla bean ice cream!
Hope you have a blessed 4th of July Laura!

LPC said...

That's beautiful. So vivid and rich.

Jojo said...

That sounds like such a nice Saturday morning outing and from the sounds of it, you never know what you might discover!

Happy 4th.

Deb said...

basics...that's what it's all about....great photo

BeautifulDees said...

Oh I love your blog it's so neat and clean with a feeling of happiness, thank you.
Love ya, Debbie

June said...

I can almost feel the atmosphere of the market by your description Laura. oh to have something like this here. We do have a tiny farmer's market on Thurs. in the Summer, about thirty miles from here. But oh so exspensive. 3 dollars for a sandwich bag of peas etc, but so yummy. my cucumbers and tomato plants are finally starting to grow! Whoo hoo!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Laura what a fun post. I loved the way you made me feel like I was there shopping with you.
We have a real small one here but since my fall I have not been to it this summer.
Enjoyed my visit and hope your doing well

Theresa said...

I love the market too, certainly my first choice! Have a blessed day my friend! HUGS!

Privet and Holly said...

Absolutely: Markets over stores, any day!!!
Beautiful picture. I felt like I was there,
from your descriptions, too : )
Happy Day! xx Suzanne

trash talk said...

I want to go marketing with you. Even the simplest purchses sound like an adventure when seen through your eyes. Love the photo and the Echo concept. I'm a sucker for orange, BTW!

Pam said...

Great photo and I really like your blog!

Dixie said...

Laura... can't wait to get to the point of recovery to visit our local farmers market... love the photo... thanks for stopping by earlier... hugs. Dixie

René said...

I love the market too. It is so alive with vendors and shoppers and you feel so much closer to the ones who grew the produce.



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