Sunday, October 24, 2010

Can You Find This at Your Flea Market?


At the flea market this weekend, it was more about the sights than the treasures.

There were nopalitos (cactus) for sale,


gorditas, which often have fillings in the center,


spiropapas, which are potatoes cut in a spiral and skewered and fried on a long stick,


cups of fruit ,


and wonderful fruit drinks.


There were chili pequins,



red bell peppers,


orange tortillas for enchiladas,






What did I purchase?


a double blooming bougainvillea.

I did not buy this.



Kat said...

Good choice! If you'd purchased the goat, I'm sure he would have eaten the bougainvillea on the way home! Kat

Theresa said...

Oh I thought you bought the goat! I love all of the colors that you saw at the market! Gorgeous! Enjoy your evening and your beautiful flower! HUGS!

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

Wow, the only thing we would have at our markets that you have at yours are the red bell peppers. All the rest falls in the category of exotic. Good choice with the flowers - buy the flowers, leave the goat!

D.B. said...

Um....NO. I cannot find those things at my flea market. Look, are trying to top my red head in a faux leopard skin coat pic? Well, I believe you have accomplished that with the lizard and the goat. I love a good flea/brocante!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Nope - Not at the flea market here. Think I would have passed on the goat also. :-D
have a great week.

trash talk said...

There's a flea market not far from from the house where I've seen some of those things, but not all (insert lizards here)...this is Dallas ya know! Now as for the one of those at home. 'Course the one I got is old...maybe it's time to trade up.
I've never seen a double paper flower...gorgeous!

joanne said...

with the exception of the lizards I think I could find most of those things wouldn't be easy and I probably wouldn't even try though!

NanaDiana said...

Oh...can I please, please, please have the goat? LOL I think your flea market is most wonderful! And I love it all-especially the goat;>) Diana

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Nothing like your flea market around my area. I really love Mexican food though and would have spent a fortune buying up all those wonderful ingredients. Your plant is lovely and well the goat, I'm not to sure about.

Deb said...

oh I want the them...looks like a fun flea market...can tell your in Texas...

Connie in Hartwood said...

Your flea market is a WHOLE LOT different than our flea markets! Goats, and bunnies, and lizards ... oh my!!

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

But, wouldn't the goat eat the lawn for you so you wouldn't have to mow? And, eat the bougainvillea!

Marigene said...

Laura, I can't believe you left that adorable little goat behind! Those chile pequins have my heart racing...I love using them in everything from soup to spaghetti!

Olive said...

Patatoes fried on a that is something serious. That goat would cut your grass Laura!

Lisa ~Suburban Retreat~ said...

What ... no goat???? He's a cutie! Looked like a fun day with lots of variety and spice!

annies home said...

wow what an assortment of goodies you have at your flea market.

Karen said...

Looking at your pictures made me homesick for our home in Mexico! Sure glad you passed on the goat. Scout Lane would have regressed about 10 years... back to the days we had goats in the backyard. LOL.
Ladybug Creek

Unknown said...

That looks like a great Flea Market! Love the double Bouganvilla... had one until this past winter freeze did it in. :(
Your pictures are beautiful...and I love those fruit drinks. We have them here at some of the markets in Houston!


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