Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gold and Old


If I had a trapped audience tomorrow morning at the high school in room 136,

I would teach (I call it tap dancing)

a lesson on one of Robert Frost’s

most famous poems,

Nothing Gold Can Stay.


I would begin by saying I don’t completely agree.

This afternoon I looked at some of the gold Christmas decorations I have collected

over the years.

The three wise men belonged to my mother.

They are at least 40 years old.


This tree is worn and has lost some of its luster,

as has the angel below.

That makes them even more endearing to me.

I have had these things for at least 20 years.




I hope everyone is having a simple Christmas season.

I am.

I didn’t plan it that way, but that is what

made it simple.

I didn’t plan.

It’s right around the corner, and instead of feeling stressed,

I feel excited.

Keep a tight rein.


Nothing Gold Can Stay

by Robert Frost

Nature's first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf's a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.


Marie said...

They know the poem because of the Outsiders in high school- isn't that funny?
These are all gorgeous, especially the wise men. I love old Christmas things with a special past.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Lisa ~Suburban Retreat~ said...

Over-planning equals overwhelming! You're going at it at a good pace. Enjoy the journey. Beautiful 'sentimental' pieces! Love the vintage decor.

trash talk said...

How funny...and not funny ha ha. I was just reading some of Mr. Frost's poems a couple of weeks ago and this one struck me as especially poignant...perhaps because I'm fast approaching my golden years. If the reins were any tighter L.B....I'd be standing still!
Your mother had excellent taste...and a smart daughter.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Do you remember the children's song with this verse? Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold. I think you have special memories with these wonderful old gold friends. Lovely post as usual.

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

I love your vintage gold ornaments and I believe that gold will make a big comeback.

The angel is so so pretty.


Mystica said...

These are all beautiful. Old and beautiful.

I am having a giveaway at my blog - a gift card sponsored by CSN Stores. please do come over

Theresa said...

Beautiful GOLD AND OLD! I love them ALL! Have a blessed day dear Laura! HUGS!

I Do Declare said...

Gold & Old - describes me style nearly to a T! I love the title of your post - and all of your collections are beautiful! Merry Christmas!

Emily said...

Your decorations are beautiful Laura. I love the 3 wisemen. Are you a high school English teacher? My dad was my high school English teacher and taught for 30+ years. He just passed away November 17th. Inside his memorial cards, that were handed out at the service, was printed "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening", one of his favorites. I've never heard "Nothing Gold Can Stay". It's lovely.

Karen said...

This is wonderful, Laura. I would love to have been one of your classroom students... instead I am your blog/neighbor/friend student... you teach in so many ways.
Love the gold. I am my maternal grandmother's granddaughter. We always said that Jean had the "Midas Touch". Give her a can of gold spray and then you better run. She was likely to coat you from head to toe. I'm finding I am using more gold than ever before. My tool of choice is Rub and Buff which I buy at Hobby Lobby. Love it!!
Enjoy the calm and the excitement. You are so wise.
Ladybug Creek

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Just love your style! I'm with you, simple is best and guess that's why I am in no way stressed and usually am not during this time of year. I work very hard at planning ahead where I can just sit back and watch it all unfold.

Beautiful pictures! Blessings abundant!

Olive said...

The wisemen look very wise indeed as are your words to keep it simple. Being retired now I never plan and love it that way! ♥O

Rebecca said...

Hi Laura
Hope your holiday season is going well, I love the old gold...
The poem is thought provoking...

CHERI said...

Those things we hold onto for many years become more and more precious with time. Your "goldness" is lovely. That poem is downright depressing!

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

Laura, this is a beautiful post, from start to finish. Merry Christmas!

Janet said...

Older ornaments and decorations that have special meaning are definitely the best ones! Thanks for visiting and leaving a sweet comment! I certainly hope you enjoy the peppermint bark as much as I do!

René said...

So true Laura. Presents are purchased, the rest will have to wait. I hope you are finding time to relax this holiday season.



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