Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It Always Begins This Way


It always begins this way.

I spot a man with a truck,

selling something

on the side of the road,

and I hit the brakes.

It always happens this way…

IF I am driving.

If my husband is driving,

he accelerates


Me:  “Cuanto cuesta un paleta de sacate?” (How much is a palette of grass?)

Man on the Side of the Road: “ Noventa dolares.” ($90.00)

Me: “Se puede plantar?” (Can you plant it?)

Man on the Side of the Road: “Si se puedo. Cuarenta dolares.” (Yes I can. $40.00 a palet.)



First they cleared away the old grass,

at the back of our yard that we have neglected.

and they then tilled the soil.


Then they planted.

At one point, my husband came outside frowning and shaking his head,

but he is always friendly and respectful to everyone who he sees

unloading things in our back yard.

I did hear him mumble the word budget as he walked by.

My mother taught me to work just as hard as the people

who are helping you,

even if you are paying them.

I worked on my plants around the edge of the yard

while they worked.

I practiced my Spanish, asked questions or answered them,

and I worked.


I was so happy.


My garden is my therapy, my friend, my frustration, my challenge,

my project, my muscle stretcher, my budget buster.

My garden connects me to the women in my past who are no longer here.

My Grandmother Mills and my Mother were great gardeners.

My garden connects me to women everywhere who love to plunge their hands,


into the dirt.

It intimidates me at times because most of the time I don’t know what I am doing or why

things are growing or dying,

but it is mine.


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TexWisGirl said...

Oh AMEN! Well said! Hope your new sod prospers and your flower beds too!

Bonnie said...

Laura, You express what I feel. Please take caution and not make some crazy decisions as I have recently done and am now paying dearly for with lower back pain. Do not lift concrete pots!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

What a great price for the grass. Sounds like your day was very satisfying.

Low Tide High Style said...

Sounds like a bargain to me! And it sounds like your yard is your sanctuary so it's worth every penny!

Kat :)

Brenda Pruitt said...

I understand this garden therapy perfectly!

Claudia said...

Can't wait til I can work in my garden. I love this story!


Theresa said...

I am SOOO just like that! I am always looking to buy something and make changes for the better:) Love it that you can converse in Spanish, I know a little! Adios:) HUGS!

NanaDiana said...

Ah...yes! I knew we were kindred spirits. That is why I garden too! xxoo Diana

gigi said...

Very nice! Lucky you.

Sandra said...

The roadside marketers love you! I hope they don't read your blog . . . ;-) I know your yard will be more gorgeous than ever! xoxo

Sandy said...

I just loved your "My Garden" verse! I need to copy it and hang it over my back door! (may I?)
Thank you for the uplift to my soul!

Lorilee said...

I feel exactly the same way. Well said!

Olive said...

Your hubs is very good and wise to go along with you. My Joe would have me planting grass seeds!

bj said...

OMGoodness, what a wonderful post.
Now I realize why I love to putter around the yard...so did my mother. :)
hugs, bj

Marnie said...

Oh my, what a beautiful post.
x Marnie

D.B. said...

where's the "like" button for this? WONDERFUL!

Nancy's Notes said...

Being out in the yard and creating or just watering is one of my favorite things and is my mother's too! I find it's the best therapy ever!


sem media said...

read the post
keep posting

Donnie said...

Lovely post and I'm sure they did a good job and appreciated it.

Anonymous said...

WOW!.. I love this post, I can relate, I always stop at roadside (anything), but MrNLOL, kicks it into high gear,hehehe.

Mary @ Framed and Tagged said...

That was a good deal!...I am still nursing our grass that we planted 16 years ago.
Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog.
In answer to your question about a trailer...I take my Ford truck and we pile it full, we look like the Beverly Hillbillies pulling out.
Have a wonderful day!

Kathy Walker said...

What a bargain! A shaman from a SW Tribe once said that one must be "one with the earth" and not spend so much time "in the sky". Less travel...hands in the garden...it levels us! Great post. Thank you for visiting my blog!

Gypsea Nurse said...

You are good! great price.. but your words so inspired me... I relate so well with them.. My grandmother owned a farm... all my aunts, my mother....avid gardeners... It is my therapy as well.. but watch out when I am angry...HACK HACK! hhehee.. my kids always laugh at me..bc whenever it is raining when the weather is warm..they are like.."what are you going to do now mom...go in the rain and weed?" and of course... I do...

joanna said...

Love it .What a high you get when you find something .yesterday i found a little car for my 3 year old son to ride, he was so happy ,and so were mummy and daddy .
happy bargain grass growing !!

Vintagesouthernlife said...

There is no better therapy than digging in the dirt! It may make sore muscles but the stress just goes away.

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Oh, I love playing in the dirt too, but it's usually just in flower beds and in the pots on our patio. It is great therapy, both planting and then watching it grow.

Always enjoy stopping by!

{oc cottage} said...

This is GREAT!

m ^..^

Kirsty Girl said...

I just love what your mother taught you! How wonderful.

Deb said...

you have a very understanding hubby...sending best wished to your new sod....your Mom taught you right..


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