Saturday, August 20, 2011

Drizzle Chicken


I am at my daughter’s for a last minute grandson fix before school starts Monday.
Last night I made up a baked chicken recipe that you might enjoy.
You’ll understand the name when you see my instructions.
Drizzle Chicken
Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.
Cut a whole chicken into pieces, or if you are lazy like I am, simply cut it in half.
Place the chicken in a baking pan.
Drizzle it with olive oil.
Sprinkle it with TexJoy seasoning.
Drizzle it with Paul Newman’s Balsamic Vinaigrette Salad Dressing.
(my new favorite ingredient)
Bake it in the 400 degree oven until it starts to turn golden.
Turn down the heat to 350 and bake until done.

In the meantime, send your grandsons outside to shuck 4 ears of corn
for corn on the cob.

Answer their questions about the corn’s ‘hair’,
corn husks, shucking, and funny words.

Think of the lessons your grandmothers taught you.
Feel the tears starting.
Say a prayer of gratitude, which for me is simply
thank you God for this moment and gift,
thank you God for this moment and gift,
thank you God.

Move on to the next lesson.

Tear the end off the wrapping of a stick of butter.
Show them how to run it back and forth, holding the papered end,
over their hot corn.

Say another prayer of gratitude, which for me is simply
thank you God for this moment and gift,
thank you God for this moment and gift,
thank you God.


NanaDiana said...

YUM! I have never heard of TexJoy seasoning..but will look for it! Isn't being a grandparent the most wonderful position to hold? I, too, always feel blessed and grateful to be me in the presence of my grandkids! xo Diana

Jojo said...

Laura, you turned that recipe into a Thanksgiving feast!

Melissa said...

Laura, that chicken looks so good, I will certainly try it. I have never heard of TexJoy and I live in Texas... where do you get it and what would be a good substitute if I can't find it?
I love your prayer of thanksgiving!

Brenda Pruitt said...

As always, you have a way of saying things so beautifully. Magically and visually. I did my fair share of "corn shucking" when I was a youngster. Straight out of our garden.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

You made some great memories with your Grands. They will remember who taught them how to butter the corn. The chicken sounds good - I need a drum stick about now. :D

ann marie said...

I do a lot of things with my daughters (all grown up) and the grandbabies with a thought of the memories they will keep with them from those moments. Family memories are so important, and we should be grateful for each and every one of them. My grandfather once sent all of his grand kids out into the corn field to weed, I had no idea what a weed was or looked like....needless to say, I was relieved of my duries rather quickly. My corn memory!

suzieQ said...

Hey girl, when I saw a picture of your chicken on another blog, I just had to come over to see the recipe...I figured your weren't going to use white spray paint. Love your post. Those memories are so precious. My daughter makes wonderful pies because my mom took the time to teach her and it will be a memory for her forever.
I just saw that you teach teachers. As another teacher, I say, "hello" and thanks for being there to speak up about our profession.
Oh, and where can a Mainer get some TexJoy? I suspected when I saw chicken that it might be a southern recipe, yum!

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

A perfect grandmothers prayer ~ just perfect I am sure to the Father's ears as he knows well the heart of she that prays them :)

Yummy chicken too!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

That chicken sounds wonderful -- I've never seen TexJoy around here---sounds like something we all need to know about!

Aren't grands just....well....the grandest?

Patty Marker said...

That chicken looks delicious and the prayer is one I say often. I can't imagine my life without the grandkids now. I love teaching them the simple things and hopefully making memories, too.

Theresa said...

The chicken sounds yummy and easy! The memories of lessons from the past and passing them on to the Grandchildren... PERFECT!

Enjoy your evening dear Laura, HUGS!

trash talk said...

Simple food and simple blessings (both sometimes taken for granted) deserve a simple prayer of thanksgiving. Thank you for being anything but a simple woman.

bj said...

Wonderful food..
Like you, I have so many blessing that sometimes, I cry, just knowing I am not giving NEARLY enuf back to my Heavenly Father. I try...but how can you repay such blessing other than loving HIM and his children as much as humanly possible.?
Thanks for the days blessing thru your sweet post.
xo bj

Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

Laura, sweet post. It's all about living in the moment and enjoying the simple things, isn't it.
Recently I had my 4 granddaughters over for lunch with the Queen (me). We wore crowns, dressed backwards, ate under the table, dessert first, butter peanut sandwiches, read 2 books backwards. They are still talking about it. Now I'm going to do something with the 2 grandsons. Ordinary things...dressing, eating, reading.... in unusual ways. Love this post! Linda

Deb said...

I love the way you think Laura...

CHERI said...

Sometimes my made-up recipes work....and sometimes they don't:) Can't believe school has started grands are off to a great start. I've missed reading your blog and need to catch up. I guess I just got burned out plus I had absolutely nothing worthwhile to write about:) Hope all has been going well with you. Love your prayer...I try to remember even the small blessings each day.

Elise said...

Hi there,

I noticed that you are using my photo of baked chicken. I'm delighted that you like it enough to post it here on your site. I ask that if you would like to continue to use it that you provide attribution next to the photo in the form of a working link to the source recipe on my site, which is:

Thank you so much for your consideration!




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