Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Images and Leaking Pipes


This morning when I learned that a pipe in our attic was leaking

and water was running down the wall of our den,

I looked around and smiled.

It really is ALL good.

This holiday season has not been been perfect

but it has been


Our youngest daughter got here safely,

our middle daughter is now officially on vacation

and laughing with her sister,

and we will see our oldest daughter and her family

on Christmas Day.

Leak all you want crazy pipe.



Friends have been in my home this holiday season,

and I spent wonderful time in the homes of friends.

I have danced till my feet were numb,

I have laughed so hard I thought my sides were going to split,

I have learned more about creating a smokey eye than anyone wants to hear,

and I had dental surgery.

Christmas Party 2011 038

(a centerpiece I created for our party)

We hosted a wonderful Christmas Party and Dance with dear, dear friends.

Christmas Party 2011 040

(a second centerpiece I created for our party)


I used my Christmas china this season, which makes my heart go pitter patter.

My husband bought this china for me on the way to my appointment in

Austin at the Teacher Retirement System office.

I was retiring after 32 years.

It is amazing how 75% off Christmas china makes the future look



I slipped into the local liquor store one morning,

in the bright light of day,

in disguise,

to buy a pint of rum to bake a rum cake

using real rum.

I changed the name of the cake to

Flammable Rum Cake.

My verdict?

If you are going to drink rum, drink rum.

If you are going to bake a cake, bake a cake.

However, those activities, in my opinion, do not need to mix.

It is not a Win Win.


I sat in the Nap Room this morning with

my husband talking about the future

while a variety of humble, polite workmen

came by to diagnose the problem.

The roof man said check with the AC man who

said we

needed a plumber.

I called the roof man back who sent a plumber in 20 minutes.

I couldn’t

stop smiling.

The plumber’s young son sat politely on our patio kicking his legs

in the leaves.

We smiled at each other.


I bought 9 dozen tamales to have Christmas Eve

and to take to my daughter’s house:

5 chicken and cream cheese

and 4 pork.


Christmas Eve Menu


chili con queso



and chili con carne

I made fudge using the recipe on the

back of the marshmallow cream jar.

I won’t be doing that again.

My mother’s recipe from the back of the Hershey cocoa can is the best,

yet nothing makes me smile bigger than planning and preparing

holiday food for my family.


So go ahead pipes;

leak your heart out.





Merry Christmas!










Deb said...

I love your attitude Laura...Merry Christmas...

Debra@CommonGround said...

Amazing how two such disparate subjects make perfect sense! Have a wonderful Christmas, dear Laura! xoxo

Karen said...

Yes, indeed, Laura... IT IS ALL GOOD!!
Ladybug Creek

Pondside said...

I've had the Christmas Dental Surgery (four bouts over 10 days) and yesterday the wall in den developed bubbles that mean there's a leak - but no tamales, and no dancing (yet!). You're right,'s all good!

Theresa said...

That's the way to handle a little problem! Call someone to fix it and enjoy the Season anyway! I love all of your images! Enjoying Family and Friends, can't get any better than that! Have a blessed Christmas dear Laura, HUGS!

trash talk said...

Hard not to smile when you've got a home...with a roof...and INDOOR leaking pipes...right? 'Course I'm wondering how much rum cake you had as well!
Just ain't the holidays without tamales. They're on my menu for Christmas eve too.
Merry Christmas darlin'...and Feliz Navidad...Ole'!
P.S. I want photos of the dancin'. Details...give me details.

Suzanne said...

What a beautiful post! I can't tell you how much I needed to read it tonight. Teaching and writing all week, keeping up with kiddies, and our Christmas tree smells. Yes, as in, it stinks! I drained the water with a turkey baster, poured in baking soda, and lit a candle that's supposed to smell like "Christmas tree," to no avail. Tree still smells. I'm gonna smile, though, thanks to you. xo

Brenda Pruitt said...

Well, you've been quite busy! That's the attitude to take. I so love seeing photos of your home! Please show them more often. Merry Christmas to you and your family. I'd like to be eating at your table!

Low Tide High Style said...

Everything about that sounds good to me! A leaky pipe can't dampen (ok I had to use that pun) your wonderful spirit! I find joy every time I read one of your posts and I look forward to many more of them in 2012!

Kat :)

Ramblings of a Southern Girl ~ Rhonda G said...

What a sweet and positive post! Perfect for this Blessed Season! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Oh, and loved the table arrangements! Beautiful!

Pam @ Frippery said...

Christmas arrives each year regardless of the mishaps and glitches. It reminds us all what is important in life. Thanks for this beautiful post and have the merriest Christmas surrounded by your family. BTW Your meal has me drooling! Yum! Hugs, Pam

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

I've been there a time or two, my friend, the leaky pipe thing. It's all small stuff in the grand scheme of thing, yes. Merry Christmas, Laura!

Apron Senorita said...

Merry Christmas Laura. May the love of Christmas be with you and your family. -- Yoli :)

Marguerite said...

It all sounds wonderful and I'm glad you had a Merry Christmas, despite the leaky pipes. I've had to deal with those recently too, and a mold problem afterwards. Ugh! :) Best wishes for a Happy New Year!

Connie said...

Merry Christmas Laura....and thanks for the smiles ~ always!!

Rebecca Nelson said...

Christmas blessings to you!!! May your New Year be the best ever!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing pics of your home. Just takes my breath away~

Love to you~


CHERI said...

Hi, Laura! I've missed you while I've been away from the blogging world! It's been several months now but I finally did a post! I think I just got burned out for awhile. Sounds like you've had a lovely Christmas...and with such a positive attitude, even the leaky pipes didn't put a "damper" on things (sorry about the pun!) We had a similar problem not too long ago and I still need to get a place in my ceiling fixed! Just haven't had time to plan around it. Love all your gorgeous centerpieces! Here's hoping you and yours have a very blessed 2012...and with no more leaky pipes!

Nancy's Notes said...

Leaky pipes could never squash your Christmas spirit Miss Laura! I knew it!


Ange said...

Beautiful images and even more, a beautiful heart! That's what greeted me in this first blog post of yours that I viewed. Wow, thank you!

Dwane Zelinsky said...

You just looked around and smiled? Hmm, now that's what you call optimism, Laura! Well, that's what the holiday season brings. But you should've still called an expert immediately. You'll never know when it can get worse.

Darryl Iorio said...

So, how did it go? I hope it did not cause much damage to your home. There are different kinds of pipe leaks that can be addressed easily. One, if the leak is at the pipe’s joints, tighten them. If the leak is in a pipe, that section should be removed and replaced with a new one.

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