Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ranch Recipe #8: Easy Chocolate Candy


If you are lucky enough to have a wonderful neighbor

like I do,

as in


of the beautiful blog

Ladybug Creek,

who brings by amazingly delicious homemade fudge,

which I was tempted to hide and keep all

to myself,

which in turn created the inner dialogue

in my steel trap mind






then you will not need this easy chocolate candy recipe.

Here it is just in case.


Nonnie’s (My Mother) Easy Chocolate Candy

1 package of almond bark

1package of Toll House chocolate chips

1 jar salted, roasted peanuts

Begin by spreading sheets of wax paper on your kitchen counter.

Melt the entire package of almond bark in the microwave-

in a microwave safe bowl.

I begin this process 3-4 minutes at a time.

When the bark is softened, give it a good stir

and pour in the package of chocolate chips.

Stir until glossy and well blended.

Now pour in the entire jar of peanuts and stir until well mixed.

Using a spoon, drop small cookie size amounts of candy onto the wax paper.

Let it harden and



Unknown said...

Well, here goes my promise NOT to make any more candy this week! Yummy! Here I come ...

Merry Christmas

Sonny G said...

That fudge looks delicious.
Thank you for that recipe. I just might be able to make that.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Would love to have a piece of that right now! Thanks for sharing the recipe.
Hope you are enjoying the holidays.

Karen said...

Oh, Laura, I opened your blog tonight and looked at the picture and felt relief seeing that your fudge looked as "good" as mine. And then YIKES... it IS mine! lol Hopefully it tasted better than it looked.
Your recipe sounds fabulous and I hope to give it a try this Christmas season.
Thanks for the shoutout, Laura.
Ladybug Creek

trash talk said...

Girl...you had me at easy. That is my middle name (at least that's what's written on bathroom walls).
I just have to add that your previous post was wonderful. It reminded me of one of my all time favorite posts of yours...glitter and God.


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