Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fish or Cut Bait Blogging: Daybook December 18, 2011


Outside My Window

I may as well have a Widow’s Walk on my roof,

as in the days when wives stood watch

waiting for their husbands to arrive safely

from a journey at sea.

Our youngest daughter is driving home today

for Christmas

from Dallas (minimum 8 hours).

And so traveling mercies are on my mind.


Lately, I have been reading….

books about photography that were collecting dust

on my bookshelves.

I am waiting for the exposure triangle of aperture,

shutter speed, and ISO to


as I have been assured it will, because it is, alledgedly,

soooooo easy.

Flashback:  Riviera, Texas Elementary School

I am reading a math problem that begins with

“If a bus full of 36 children leaves school at

3:30 pm, and the bus driver drives at 50 miles per hour…”

And my creative, literary, open-ended, big idea brain starts to shut down.

And so I continue to wait for the exposure triangle to click.


This all goes to a list I have

been assembling in my mind.

This list is a typically quirky

White Spray Paint list,

including but not limited to:

* learning more about smokey eye makeup


*fish or cut bait blogging.

I found the magical solution to smokey eye makeup


(for subdued daytime wear and as a solution to the sagging eyelids

I now have)

at the

Laura Mercier counter yesterday.



I am going to change some vocabulary here-

I do not like words like sagging  or drooping.

How about listless eyelids?

Unconcerned eyelids?

Disinteristed eyelids?

And so my quirky list continues.

It is time to fish or cut bait in my blogging.

I know-

those of us who are not blogging professionally

all feel this way periodically.

Blogging becomes an idea

I have to think of to write a post about,

rather than a spontaneous

feeling I can’t wait to write about.

When that happens for me, it may as well be a

Riviera Elementary word problem.

And so, is there a remedy for this feeling? 


Fish or cut bait.

And yes, I am going to leave it at that.

If you have ever felt this way, you know what I mean.


PS. I am going to fish.


Carolyn@Sweet Chaos Home said...

I am right there with you... my brain shuts down as soon a I hear a word problem like that. It drove my math-minded father crazy when I was a kid. Let's just say there were lots of tears over math homework :)

If you figure out the "triangle," would you explain it to me?

Glad you've decided not to cut bait! Safe travels to your daughter and have a Merry Christmas!!

Pondside said...

Tomorrow I am going to find that Laura Mercier product. I have Resting Eyelids, though from time to time the are Relaxed Eyelids and sometimes even Recumbent Eyelids.
I'm glad you've decided to fish. I'm not a professional fisherwoman, but there's something I love about hanging around the blogging pond.

Debra@CommonGround said...

I have learned from experience in the "droopy" department to never never ever wear "iridescent" or light eyeshadow. It shows every little crease, sag, wrinkle and fold. Nor do I like the term "crepe-y" which sounds too much like creepy or crappy. both terms are applicable here! Darker shadow hides a multitude of "stuff".
And Laura, I'm all for fishing!!! Have a great time with your family this week, xoxo

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Hmm.. to Fish or Cut Bait. I like it!
In fact I love IDIOMS...but wasn't familiar with this figurative phrase...and must admit I had to look it up! (embarrassment to my Angler Dad and Texas heritage, I'm sure...LOL)

Now that I full understand the meaning- I will no doubt use this phrase and on a more personal glad you have decided to *fish*. We need all the help around here we can get. I love reading your blog-- you are one of my regular stops for reality checks and comic relief.
I so relate with the less than alert eyelids.

In fact this morning-- I've done something I've never done in all my makeup wearing years. I lightly painted a little eye pencil through my reddish blonde (with some graying) eye brows and dusted it with some brown eye shadow to *set* it...can't have smudges on the ol' forehead now can we?
The Husband even commented and said...your make-up looks pretty! worked.

have a great day--Pat

deb said...

I don't have a blog, and never will, but I enjoy reading a lot of you guys. It's interesting how you can tell when someone is really getting involved and posting everyday just to get "out there" and earn $$. Usually, those posts are the least interesting ones and I skim thru them, then move on. Always enjoy yours!! AND, I also have unconcerned eyelids. I'm still struggling with what to do with my make-up when I decide I need to put some on! I can't believe I used to wear it everyday...

Patti said...

I'm so glad you decided to fish. I've been mulling that dilemma, too. As to the increasingly relaxed eyelids; the idea of "having a little work done" isn't out of the question over here.

Deb said...

keep fishing Laura...and we will be here to see what you catch...

Loui♥ said...

i so love visiting..
and chatting..
as well as listening and learning..
i can ALWAYS count on you having something for me..
humor, drama,tears,,as well as joy..
even being worlds apart..
when it comes to relating..
we are like two peas in a pod!
enjoy the fishing..
I always do..
so soothing to my soul..

Theresa said...

You are too cute:) I am having photography problems, I blame it on the camera... it is ME! I have trouble with night pictures, pictures with Christmas lights and SEEING with these OLD eyes:) Perhaps I need to dust off a book too!

Have a blessed Christmas week dear friend, HUGS!

trash talk said...

I prefer thinking mine are bedroom eyes! Squinting helps perpetuate the myth...especially when Cat Daddy thinks I'm winking!
Speaking of rooms...there's another colorful phrase that comes to mind when it comes to blogging. Let's just say flush away!
I hear the fishing's good this time of year.

Patty said...

Laura, I completely understand what you mean about the dusty photography books, apertures and f-stops. I KNOW it should be easy. But I use automatic settings instead. For me, learning those things is likened to bass clef music. I was in band for many years and I know how to read treble clef. I can play the piano with my right hand. But try to get me to learn bass clef and play with the left way ! My brain just won't function. Like your math problem. Like a little wall that goes up inside your brain with a sign that says "out to lunch." A friend of mine is going to take me out soon and we'll have a photo shoot at the local missions in San Antonio. I find that I can learn much easier when I have hands-on teaching and not something from a book. Have a lovely Christmas !

Anonymous said...

Mothering is a God given talent. Safe travels to your daughter.

I, too, am glad you're going to keep fishing. I only discovered your blog a couple of months ago..where was I all this time...and It is one of my most favorites.

Excuse me a moment....Praise the Lord, it is raining here in Seadrift. We need it so badly.

Now back to the topic at hand, I am amazed at the writing talent out there, whether used as a way to make extra money or an outlet for the creative mind. I ENJOY blogs. I LEARN from blogs. I ENVY (okay, not really envy because that is not good) Bloggers.

Darn, rain stopped, but it was nice while it lasted.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Connie said...

Thank goodness you will be fishing!!! I so look forward to reading your matter what the content ~ it's like a little letter from home! Have a wonderful Christmas & safe travels to all who find their way home.

Sandra said...

Glad you chose fishing . . . I need the Laura Mercier trick for my eyes - Will make that a stop next time I am in a mall! Merry Christmas! {Preppy 101} XOXO

Pam @ Frippery said...

Laura, I am glad you are fishing too. I have just kind of let things come to me and not worry if I don't post and lo and behold, something turns up. Plus I am blogging for me right now. To remember what was going on at a certain point in time. I am the same with the photo lessons. My mind doesn't wrap itself around sentences like that. I need to see it. By the way, I prefer the term "bedroom eyes". Much more smoldering, agreed?

56steps said...

I, too, am so glad you are fishing instead of cutting.
I enjoy reading about what you and your family have been up to.
You have great style and a wonderful humor.
(Plus, I'd really miss hearing about your Dad.



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