Monday, January 2, 2012

Walgreen’s Photo Print Coupon and More Tips



This is just a quick note that there is a photo print special

at Walgreen’s that ends January 4th.

If you order a minimum of 100 prints, each print is 9 cents.

The code and information about setting up an account is on the Walgreen’s web site.

I just ordered 328 prints from my chair.

I also read this this morning:


Digital photos can be backed up in a variety of ways. To protect and preserve your photos, we recommend the following two-part approach:

  1. For your most valuable and irreplaceable photos: Make or order high quality prints or photo albums, and use recommended photo storage conditions to ensure that they will survive time and technology advances.
  2. For your entire photo collection:


one last thing.

My daughter’s external hard drive attachment thingy broke off into her computer yesterday.

Whatever that means-

it sounds horrible.

So, get busy ladies.

You’re burning daylight.


NanaDiana said...

Thanks for the heads up on the prints, Laura. Your poor daughter- I don't know much about computers but THAT does NOT sound good- xo Diana

Loui♥ said...

I have a stand alone external Hard Drive which I use.
My Most important irreplaceable photos have been scanned and saved via both CD as well as onto the Hard Drive.
I am assuming your daughter is using a Thumb Drive?,,
that should be easy to remove.. but the photos on it are probably gone.
the only advice I have is to call the computer Wizzes at all the NCIS Locations and have them work their miracles..
or perhaps the geek squad..hope she had not yet deleted the pics from the Main Computer..
Good Luck!
Happy New Year!!

Deb said...

been downloading to Walgreens already today....thanks for all the tips...

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