Monday, December 10, 2012

Dear Daughters: Decorating for Christmas


Dear Daughters,

I have decorated our home for Christmas many different ways,

and without a doubt,

this year has been the


In fact,

as I sit here writing this,

I am still not quite finished.

Lesson #1

There is no schedule; there is no deadline.

Just enjoy the process.

When we remodeled this house

23 years ago,

this room, which we call the study,

was the front porch.

The floor still has a slight slant.

I find that endearing, don’t you?

After all, I’m a little slanted too.

Lesson #2

Embrace the odd, the quirky, the slanted, the not so precious. 

That is where treasures are found.


At a time in my life when the world talks about


I have wondered why I keep doing this-

even as slowly as I have this year.


I think it is because there are some things- some traditions-

that are just too special

to neglect.

I am not quite ready to file this away in the downsize folder.

Lesson #3

You get to decide how you feel about this in your home and in your life.

Isn’t that wonderful?


And finally,

this decorating business is all about my love of you, and Dad,

and traditions, and sparkle.


You cause that sparkle.




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trash talk said...

I hope I'm the first to get to say it's beautiful...your home...your traditions...your words...your heart.

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Your home is so lovely and your words and message to your family is even lovelier. Thanks for sharing. I love it.


From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

You do such a lovely job. Not overdone, but just enough for an ahhhh. I never thought about decorating for my family and I believe that is why I do it also. Thanks for the insightful post.

Theresa said...

Sweet message to your Daughters:) Your tree is beautiful! I am still adding to my decorations even though I say I am not! It is just in my heart to continue decorating! Have a blessed day dear Laura, HUGS!

Bliss said...

This one made me tear up. Sending it to my daughters to read today. It's perfect.


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Enjoyed this post and great job on the decorating. I did very little this year - just can't get with the program for some reason.

NanaDiana said...

Oh- I hear you- I dressed this old lady from top to bottom again this year because I don't know if we will downsize soon. If we do, I want her to have a beautiful last Christmas under my name. Your home is gorgeous- I love it...even your slanted floor! xo Diana


Awww...what a sweet post. That tree is awesome, I haven't seen any like that and I love it all decked out in gold. That's a gorgeous mirror over the dresser too...

Always Nesting said...

Oh what a beautiful post, full of love for your family.

Karen said...

Love your tree and your decor. A white tree... wow! It looks so elegant.
Thanks for taking the time to come by today.
Ladybug Creek

Deb said...

beautiful...a good lesson too....

Diane | An Extraordinary Day said...

Do you remember the book, "A Cup of Christmas Tea"? That book tells about the story of an aging aunt who still has the spirit of Christmas and decorates her home and share a cup of Christmas tea with her nephew. It always brings me to tears...and reminds me that there are really only two holidays that are really worthy of celebration...and Christmas is surely one. Let's celebrate...even if it comes slowly.

Anonymous said...

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