Sunday, April 7, 2013

Drive Thru Flea Market

Orange, Yellow, Red Bell Peppers
If you were visiting on a Saturday morning, and we all piled into Hauler 2 (my Tahoe), and we headed to one my favorite flea markets, these are things we would NOT find:

*amazing antiques


*vintage home d├ęcor.


But how about a goat, or chickens, or fresh produce, or  plants?
Mexican Limes
And the best thing of all?

I never have to park my car.

Let that sink in. 

I pull up to the gate, pay a $1 entry fee, get in line behind other cars, and drive slowly through the market.

If I see something I like, I gently hit my brakes, pray I’m not rear-ended, and hop out of the car,
waving at the car behind me.

Last weekend I bought:

red, yellow, and orange bell peppers- perfect for Black Bean Corn Salad ,

3 for $1

a bag of Mexican limes ,


and bougainvilleas ,


I have said this many times on this blog-

and whatever the adventure,
I meant it-
and I mean it now.

I was in HEAVEN.

Don’t you want to come visit?


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Barbara F. said...

I'd LOVE a market like this, what fabulous produce and prices! No more need for 'dust collectors' but fresh fruit and veggies - yessss! xo

Dewena said...

A wonderful idea! I hope it catches on and spreads to TN. Having to part so far away is why I don't go to flea markets anymore. I didn't know there was such a thing as your kind of market.

Maria C said...

Now that's my kind of flea market! And I would definitely have picked up a bag of those wonderful peppers! said...


A drive thru flea market? Tapping your brakes when you find something? How fabulous!

I assume you had some kind of music playing loudly?

For whatever reason I envision Fleetwood Mac or Bruno Mars.... No? ;)

Theresa said...

Yes I do want to visit:) Beautiful way to spend the day! Have a blessed week dear Laura, HUGS!

Jason A. Powell said...

I hit that pulga yesterday; too funny. I walked, though! :-)

The big one across the street usually gets my attention, but I decided to check out the "drive thru." It seemed to have higher quality "stuff" without tons of Chinese knock-offs and expired drugstore items. As always, I had a great time!

Hope to run into you someday out in the pulgas!


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Drive thru flea market - what a great idea! Great prices! Does the line behind you have to wait until you make your purchase, or can they go around you?

Lea said...

Now, how cool is that! Sounds like too much fun!

Jane said...

Love it! What fun!!

Marissa said...

That's exactly so!
I wonder which pulga you visited?
I once found a small jar of teeth yes, teeth!!

The Gathering Place said...

As a sleepless (head cold keeping me awake) fellow blogger, I have found entertainment in reading your blog posts. I enjoy your gardening tips, shopping finds, and family connections. Thanks for making a long, restless night an interesting one.


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