Monday, January 6, 2014

A Few Spring Gardening Plans

Spring Planting-Caladiums

Yes, it is in the low 40’s here- (which probably sounds tropical to many of you),

but I am planning my spring gardening lists.

In fact, I highly recommend sitting by the fire,

drinking hot chocolate,

in a leopard velour robe and black socks,

watching the DVR’d season 4 premiere of Downton Abbey,

while you plan your 2014 gardens.

I did just that today.

I also had this library book on gardening by Margaret Roach to keep me company.


And after a shopping trip to Sam’s last week, I now have 120 caladium bulbs.


Oh dear.

And then there’s the zinnia seed packets to buy and the tomato plants to find.

I may have to get out of my chair.


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Katie @ Wildwood Creek said...

I love Margaret Roach's books and blog. This week in the Midwest our temps are below zero. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to spring!

sheerserendipity said...

It is going down to 6 degrees today, the thought of spring and planting is a welcoming thought!

Nancy's Notes said...

Laura, your planning for your garden is so worth it! Okay everyone, I know her garden and backyard, it's a sight to see! It's heavily wooded with trails and blooms of all kinds wherever you look! Laura's thumb is so green, I wish she would share some of that green! Oh my, you should see her guest house! It's so darn cute, I could just live in it!

Laura, love your planning, dear friend-

Love ya big!

Stacey said...

How fun! If only I had the shade for caladiums! Full sun here so we are zinnia people. :)

Theresa said...

Oh yes, too cold here to plant bulbs... but Spring is just around the corner! Looks like a great book:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

chateau chic said...

It is a good day to snuggle in a warm chair and dream of spring!
Thanks so much for visiting!
Mary Alice

My Garden Diaries said...

Oh my!!! That sounds like my kind of day!!! Everything you mentioned made me smile...I can't wait for DA to start back up again!!! You have such a lovely blog here! I can't wait to come along with you on your journey!!! Nicole

trash talk said...

Faced with the prospect of being on my knees, planting 120 bulbs, I'm pretty sure my chair would have to come with an ejector seat to launch me!
Can you dig it?

Pura Vida said...

watch out you'll get twitterpated

Debbie @DewdropGables said...

120 caladium bulbs?? My goodness, I'd love to see your gardens! I love caladium and always have one or two, there is no way I can afford much more, they cost $15 for the plant and $8 for one bulb. I do try to safe them over the winter, but I've never had success like other tender bulbs. I always put mine in the large pond, full sun but with all the water they do wonderfully.
Debbie :)


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