Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Discontinued But Not forgotten

Mikasa Christmas Garden

my Christmas china, Mikasa Christmas Garden (discontinued)

As I packed away my Christmas china for another year ,

it dawned on me that

other than my husband, children, and grandchildren,

many of the things I love in life have been

discontinued- including my Christmas china.

Then on the heels of that thought ,

I laughed out loud because that means

I may be old enough to be discontinued too.

Just a few things (in no particular order) I have loved that are now gone:

*Franciscan Platinum Renaissance China

*Trucco Blood Red lipstick (the perfect red)

*Merle Norman Rose Gold eyeshadow (the perfect rose gold eyeshadow for highlighting)

*Merle Norman Coffee Mist eyeshadow (the perfect charcoal eyeshadow)

*ice cold RC Cola at my grandmother’s store in Ricardo,Texas


* Revlon nail polish color in Dusk

What’s on your favorite discontinued list?


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Debra@CommonGround said...

L'Oreal Endless Kissable Lipstick is the perfect matte long wearing lipstick. I've tried tons of others and none compare...dang. Maybe we should just look at ourselves as "limited editions" or a fine rare wine! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years!

trash talk said...

Max Factor's Whipped Creme foundation in Cool 1. Nothing conceals as well or gives a dewy appearance to this tired old skin.
Betty Crocker Fluffy White Frosting...how the heck am I supposed to make divinity without it?
L'Occitane AL'huile d'Olive anything. This entire line of skin products has been discontinued and it chaps me royally and literally!
I could probably write a book on the things I'm outlasting!

NanaDiana said...

Laura, That is beautiful china! I don't think I have ever seen that pattern and I love the sweet simplicity of it.

Hmmm...L'Oreal's rose gold mist lipstick. I wore it for 25 years and it is the perfect pinkish/reddish/gold color. I bought every tube I could find when they stopped making it. lol I have 2 tubes left.

Jubilee Kitchen Wax- OMGOSH- I just googled it and they have brought it back!

My family- when my brother passed this last year that was the last member of my family unit. It is weird to think I, too, am on the "to-be-discontinued" list.

Life is a strange journey, isn't it? xo Diana

ps. I also like the old blogger before they put up all these google plus/linked in, etc. It raised havoc with so many blogs and some of them can't keep the No Reply thing under control. Crazy....

Donnamae said...

Chanel #22...can't find it anywhere. My mikasa china pattern....can't remember the name ...was discontinued shortly after I received it. I guess as long as I'm not discontinued I shouldn't complain! ;)

Debbie @DewdropGables said...

Oh wow, too many to remember...but one that stands out is Compliments Ice Wine Peach Jelly. It was perfect on top of brie & crackers.
Debbie :)

Patty said...

oooh, did you say Ricardo ? I work for a family who also lived there. What was the name of your grandmother's store ? I'd like to ask them about it. Their last name is Lay.

Stacey said...

I was recently thinking of Kissing Potion strawberry lip gloss from my teenage years. I would actually buy that now if it were still available. :)

Vicki said...

As regards to your: Franciscan Platinum Renaissance China.
It shows up on Replacements.com and believe it or not it is very valuable...WOW! Check out this link: http://www.replacements.com/webquote/FN_REP.htm

I guess in this case...the older you get...the more valuable you are!! (in people it's "Wisdom comes with age! A very good thing!)

Happy Morning to you!!

Bliss said...

I don't even know what's been discontinued anymore that I miss, but I will guess whatever it was it was edible.

Nancy's Notes said...

Laura, I'm crazy about your Mikasa Christmas pattern! Happy to hear you can get more at the Replacement store, if necessary. Okay Missy, you are so funny! A discontinued Laura...nah, nevah!
I don't have a favorite discontinued list...humm! Goodness, I've got to pay more attention!

Alex M said...

This is crazy! Just yesterday I was wondering if Merle Norman cosmetics were still being made. Don't know what made me think of that -- I hadn't even read this post yet!

My favorite lipstick was Revlon Blazer Pink. No longer made!

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Hi Laura,
Gosh, you're making me think! My favorite lipstick was a chunky lip crayon from Bobbi Brown in Dusty Nude. I'm going to run out soon and I just discovered that there is a "gone but not forgotten" program I can call and they will search for the product! I'll be doing that tomorrow. Thanks for making me 'think' about it!

Jane said...

Every time I find a bra I like it gets discontinued! Along with Sweetheart soap and Smuckers Peach Butter!

Unknown said...
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