Sunday, January 19, 2014

Learning to Knit is like pulling a U Haul Trailer


Remember SAT exam vocabulary analogies?

As in hot is to cold as _____ is to _____.

Well, learning to knit for me is like driving a U Haul trailer.

I can only go straight.

I am currently knitting a scarf for the roof of my house.


I had a wonderful tutorial from my dear friend Nancy at Nancy’s Notes ,

I have watched a zillion YouTube videos while muttering “you’ve got to be kidding…”

and I have books, lots and lots of books.

I have interviewed (held hostage) a stranger in the yarn aisle of WalMart,

and I have bought all sorts of supplies, which I have decided is my favorite part.

I love collecting supplies.




Marigene said...

I remember feeling that way when I was first learning how to knit, then all of a sudden it all clicked! Good luck, Laura.

Theresa said...

I love collecting supplies too:) I do not know how to knit, when you get it mastered... you can teach me! Enjoy your day dear Laura and THANKS for putting the link to Nancy's blog! I couldn't find it thru my old link! HUGS!

Tanna said...

Ahhhh... Be warned, it is addictive... and there are so many wonderful supplies! ;) blessings ~ tanna

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Hi Laura, it's a pleasure to meet you. I don't know how to knit and I really don't have any desire to learn. My Mother knits. Good for you. Have fun with your new hobby. Cute blog, by the way. thanks for stopping by and following. I am also your newest follower.

Simply LKJ said...

My Granny tried to teach me, but I am a lefty! Total fail!! Maybe someday.

Pondside said...

I knit baby blankets and anything else that allows my hands to stay busy and my mind to wander - a bit lazy, really. I'd like to knit some of the beautiful cabled and pom-pommed afghans and cushion covers I see on blogs, but they would require more attention than I'm willing to give.

Pom Pom said...

Hi Laura! It's nice to meet you! Thank you for visiting my blog and following. I'll follow you, too. You need a knitting mentor, someone to help you at the moment you require assistance. I'd help you if you didn't live so far away! Once you get going, you'll love it. I marvel at people who learn how and then immediately surpass me with their complicated projects and verve for the craft! I like buying the supplies, too.

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

Too funny! I've recently started knitting things other than my Scandinavian Christmas stockings, and I'd forgotten how enjoyable it is to be able to pick up a new project. I'm going to buy 2 Closet Maid shoe organizers to store my yarn that I love to collect, too! Keep at it. Just like anything else, you'll catch on and you'll be a pro in no time at all!

Pam @ Frippery said...

I tried but just can't get the knack. I do know how to crochet a circle scarf however. Crochet seems easier. Of course I can't crochet anything else so maybe not. Keep at it, I am sure you will look back one day and say, "That wasn't so hard".

Leslie said...

Oh goodness, you made me laugh. The best way is to have someone sit down with you. Love your pretty yarn.

Lynne said...

I am pleased to meet you, Laura!
Thank you for popping in to 34th street. I spent a few moments getting acquainted! You have a delightful blog! Your Christmas home was beautiful. I look forward to future visits and watching your zinnias grow in 2014!

Good luck with your knitting!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I am rolling over here!
I too am 'learning' to knit...I'm about ready to just continue the crocheting that I like so much.
I SOOOO want to KNIT!
a scarf for your house! LOL!
I went to the Flea Market yesterday and found a stash of knitting needles all sizes and some crochet hooks...I NEVER FIND CROCHET hooks when thrifting.
I want to scoop them all up and carrying them home with me...I was going to knit 'something for everybody!'
truly, knitting is somehow MAGICAL, I just know it!

puttermuch said...

I'm so happy I found your blog today...I am in the very same boat with MY knitting. I am so afraid!!! I too, have viewed nearly every Youtube video on knitting, both English and Continental style...(still haven't decided which I'd like to master...) I have knit countless scarves and one mitten.
I have a shelf of knitting books, file folders filled with patterns from my Pinterest and Ravelry pages and 3 "knitting" baskets, all holding beautiful
yarns. I keep telling myself that if I get off Youtube and actually try to use one of my patterns, it will, at least begin to make sense.
Good Luck and keep on truckin !

TexWisGirl said...

oh, this was funny. :) i haven't attempted to knit or crochet in about 40 years (since i was a kid).

nice to see you, laura! bless you!

Kim said...

Oh Laura, I am right there with you! I have been stuck on straight lines for a while, too. I have learned other stitches, but it just helps me to make fancy scarves! ;)

Vintage Gal said...

Laura ~ I am laughing my head off right now. My mother tried to teach me how to knit, oh about 40 years ago. Well, all I can make is scarves. Try knitting scarves for little wee ones. They don't take as long as the scarf for the house ;-)

Linda said...

Ah! I have tried knitting - it didn't go very well. I was better at crocheting. Not that I do much of that either! I have a friend who knits all.the.time. and LOVES it!!

I rushed over here to meet you after reading your comment on a recent post!! Now I'm off to find your 'Follow' button!

Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

Oh my, I can relate to this...I crochet like crazy, but have never mastered knitting. I have knitted one scarf, and really would love to learn to knit, but do not have the patience to learn. People who knit make it look so darn easy.
Stay at it, you'll get the hang of it. My problem is not staying with it long enough to get it.
Good luck!!!

Wishing you a beautiful week!

Nancy's Notes said...

Laura, I'm am cracking up! Sort of like we did when I was your ahem..."tutor!" Now that makes me laugh even harder! We were both laughing and talking more than anything! I have to admit, I have cornered some at Hobby Lobby!

You'll do great, keep at it!

Hootin Anni said...

Sorry I can't help you. First off I'm too busy laughing at your commentary. Why? 'Cause I've done the same stuff. But, you're seriously one ahead of me. I only learned to cast on. From there it was "you've got to be kiddin' me" for me. Gave up. Continued to crochet scarves for the roof instead.

LOVED this Laura.

Debbie @DewdropGables said...

I can knit a scarf, too! Mind you, I've never made one for the roof of my house, and actually if I were to start now I can't remember how to finish. Too funny...good luck with your 'lessons'!
Debbie :)

Donnamae said...

I've tried knitting before...all I ever mastered was a scarf. I love the supplies too...the feel of the yarn, the colors, the motions of knitting are so quick and smooth, when done by a professional. I haven't knitted in decades...sigh. I need to can teach me! It'll be fun! ;)

podso said...

This is funny. I like that bit about collecting supplies. We are teaching some girls we mentor how to crochet…I think it's easier than knitting as it's so forgiving and can pull out and redo so easily. Happy knitting!


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