Monday, May 4, 2009

All is Well

     Today was a full day of observing and conferencing with beginning teachers.  I am fortunate , at this point in the second phase of my work life, to work with first year teachers.

     Sitting in several classrooms this morning, I witnessed engagement, eye contact, respect, knowledge, exhaustion (on the face of the beginning teacher) , and


     Bingo! They ‘get’ it. I left the last campus, so grateful and humbled by it all, stopped at Dollar General in a small equally humble community and bought a really, really cold Diet Coke.  It was so cold it had ice crystals in it. Does it get any better than this?


     The thermometer in my car said it was 99 degrees when I arrived home. Later, during my watering ritual at dusk, I opened my eyes and saw this.


The knockout rose I planted yesterday made it through the first twenty-four hours, even in scorching heat.


My caladiums were smiling in all of their colorful glory.100_0693


The coral colored double hibiscus and  Cinco de Mayo rose bush I bought yesterday were still ‘breathing’.

The yellow of the crotons, lantana, and the 40 year old esperanza  plant in my front yard was absolutely glorious.  Esperanza means hope in Spanish.




All is well .


Faye said...

Laura,These are so beautiful.Have a great evening! Blessings, Faye

Anonymous said...

Wow those yellows are definately yellow. Yeah for your roses!! I'm waiting waiting waiting for my roses to bud open. Probably another month from now.

Beth in NC said...

What a happy post. The plants/flowers are beautiful! What a way to end a sweet day.

God is good!

Jo said...

Oh yes, those first few years of teaching ~ so glad I'm past those! :)

Love the new beauties in your garden. You've already hit a heat wave. We didn't even break 60 today.

Enjoy your evening,

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

WOW!! You have 99 degrees already. We are lucky to finally be in the high 60's. Your plants look beautiful. I love knock-out roses.

Cathy~Mille Fleur said...

I am so glad everything turned out so well for you. It' so wonderful when that happens and then you were rewarded with all that beauty!!!

Your flowers and plants are sooo pretty!!! I love them all!!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!

Dixie said...

the flowers are beautiful... our veggie garden is already sharing it's bounty with out neighbors and friends.. I think this is going to be a good gardening year here in Texas!

trash talk said...

I think "Knockouts" are the greatest invention, ever! Even I can't kill one...I love 'em! That's just a lovely thing to come home to with an Ice Cold Coke. Yea!!!

Domestic Designer said...

I love all of your flowers. I can't believe it is already 99 there. We had a rainy cool day.

Cathy~Mille Fleur said...

You are always sooo sweet!!! Thank you!!! Definitely get the courtly check...I love it!!! I think I am going to do a tablescape post with mine...maybe!!!

Thanks again!!!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Beautiful flowers! Thanks for sharing.

Livin' Louisiana! said...

Bootiful!! You have a green thumb..I'm jealous! In regard to the New Iberia/bait shop fantasy...I have a friend who is in his 60's. My honey & I go & visit him. He lives in an RV, on a lake, has a small garden, & runs a bait & tackle. I said, "Brother Smith", do you know how many millionares would change places with you in a heartbeat?! He just smiles.

The Bloom Girls said...

Hi Laura,

I love knock out roses, they are awesome! They are a major part of our front landscaping and are beautiful. They are also pretty hardy as they get the hot Georgia sun !
Also, wanted you to know that We Bloom Girls just passed a Blog Award on to you and you can pick it up over on our site at

We enjoy your blog! Have a great week!


Karyn & Nola

Carol said...

Wow! I LOVE your blue & white ginger jar! I think we share the same passion for blue & white!

Karen said...

Laura... you have 14 comments!! Lady, you are really taking off. Congratulations!

Joy said...

It's looking good. I love caladium, but have a hard time with those for some reason.
Glad you saw first year teachers that give you hope. You are right a smile can go a long way.
If only my daughter's math teacher would give her one.


Anonymous said...

So glad to "meet" you here... and love your blog. Your plants are just beautiful! Reminds me of our time living in Atlanta. Here in the midwest, plants are just starting to come out.... though I'm now reminded I better start planting! :)


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