Friday, May 8, 2009

Thank you to Lavender Chick for a wonderful giveaway. What a treat to be a winner of such a fabulous gift.  Go see her and learn more about her wonderful company Hummingbird Farms.


Thank you too to Preppie 101 for this fun surprise. This blog is an amazing collection of all things preppie and southern. The added treat for me is to find another kindred spirit (she too is a retired high school English teacher).



Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Laura! What a nice prize! Lavendar is so frenchy! I scrolled down to read about your observing the first year teacher.'s been a long time since I was in that position! How wonderful to see the kids engaged. It makes me feel good to know that a new generation is coming along behind us who cares and considers ours a worthwhile profession! Have a great weekend...Debbie

Domestic Designer said...

Congratulations on both prize! You deserve them both!

Dixie said...

Laura... isn't that lotion divine! I actually think my elbows are softer! 54 year old elbows feeling like a baby's behind... WOW!

I'm off to visit your fellow retired teacher... did I ever tell you why I love teachers so much (other than the obvious)...

I love teachers because they do something everyday that I could never do... They put up with other peoples kids for 8 or more hours a day... monday thru friday... at least 10-months a year... I call them... SuperPeople!

have a sweet Mom's day.
blessings. Dixie

Elizabethd said...

What a lovely win! I grow so much lavender in the garden , and spend hours making lavender sachets...very sleep inducing!
I taught children with Special needs, within a "normal" primary school. They ranged from slower readers through to Spina Bifida/Downs syndrome, so quite a range!

trash talk said...

If Dixie says it will make my elbows as soft as a baby's behind, I'm off to get a case and see what it will do to the rest of me starting with my behind!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Congratulations on both. I could never be a teacher - no way!

Lavender Chick said...

Hi Laura - Thanks for posting such a lovely picture of the lotion. I hope you enjoy it!



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