Monday, October 19, 2009

Does Any of This Sound Crazy to You?

     Tuesday , at 4:45 pm ,I will meet Chapa’s Moving at an upholstery shop to load Daughter #2’s couch and 2 chairs that she recently had recovered.

     We will then ‘lead’ the movers to her apartment where the new upholstered pieces will be moved into her living room , after a blue couch is moved out and into the truck.

     We will then stop at the storage unit and empty it into Chapa’s truck.  After that is done, the truck will stop at my house ,and I will open the inner sanctum of craziness known as my GARAGE.

     The blue couch from the apartment and the patio furniture from storage will be unloaded at my house.  The blue couch will be moved into the little house if it fits- after moving its companion love seat out of the little house to make room for the couch.

     The patio furniture will be placed in the new area that borders the little house.

     From the garage , a sofa sleeper, a chaise, a chair and ottoman, an older television, about 8 crates from my mother’s stash in my father’s garage, a desk, and various end tables will be loaded into Chapa’s truck- unless they disappear,  running and screaming down the driveway.

     In the meantime, my husband- alias Ricky Ricardo- will be suitably distracted by various television /sports programs and will not notice a large yellow truck in the driveway that says CHAPA’s MOVING. This is my plan.  This plan never works.

     Then the moving truck will take this final load to a new storage unit .

     What is my rationale for all of this?

*  Chapa’s Moving is affordable and above all AGREEABLE.  I have discovered that asking a stranger to move something several times to see how it looks is actually quite pleasant- as opposed to asking Ricky Ricardo.

*Chapa’s Moving is less expensive than a visit to the emergency room. I can simply raise one arm and point and get a crick in my neck. The indiscretions of my youth, when I could move a piano with my left hip, are long gone.

* I am in the process of getting rid of things (really), but I liken this process to an archaeological dig.  First I have to sort , give away,  throw away, and re-do. I am now in the all important sorting and shifting stage.

*When we remodeled the little house, after almost twenty years of saying , “Go put that in the little house,” these family treasures needed a new home.

* I plan to have this storage unit for a short period of time.  Why are you laughing? Famous last words…

*Finally, I want to be able to walk from one end of my garage to another without stepping into the jaws of a bear trap.



Karen said...

Warning: All I can picture in my mind's eye is "Mr. Ricardo" standing in the driveway with his hands on his hips with THE look. And this time he won't be saying, "No more projects!"
(What day did you say Chapa's Moving is coming... I have a few things that need shifting too!!)
I'm staying tuned in for this one! ;-)

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Oh My! You lost me somewhere along the line!!! Glad I am not the only one who comes up with ideas like this! Do you have this scheduled during one of his favorite TV shows? :)
Keep us posted!

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

I AM laughing, but only because I am so delighted to hear someone who sounds just like me! I do this same kind of thing. Of course, you never know when you might NEED some of that stuff that your keeping. Good luck. laurie

trash talk said...

Is their truck as large as the gravel truck...if so...Laura, you got some 'splain' to do!

Debra@CommonGround said...

I love it! Did you read my last post? I'll send you my son-in-law, then YOU can argue with him. He's too perfect, that's the problem! Let us know when your finished. 'K?

Carol Murdock said...

Sounds like a plan to me! Hope you pull it off without a hitch! :)

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Ok - so when is it that you're going to dye your hair red? Hope your plan works! Makes me tired to even try to follow all this! Do you sleep at night?

Dixie said...

sounds like a great plan... will Chapa's cart all that stuff next spring to Warrenton?

Deb said...

I'm laughing so hard...we are kindred spirits...I have moved so much furniture back and forth from my Mom' buildings...we had a storage building for a short time....10years....we could have bought new things 10 times over for what we spent on that building...LUCY YOU'VE GOT SOME SPLAINIG TO DO....

Debbie's Garden said...

Oh LUCY, I bet you end up with some splaining to do!
the end result sounds like what you need to keep your eye on. LOVE getting organized and getting rid of stuff. Its so soothing!

Loui♥ said...

Hi Laura!
am still laughing..
had a question for you but answered it myself..
it was: WHERE do you park your cars if the garage is jam packed full to overflowing?
Living in Texas, you obviously can park on the street..
here in Denver,snow can come pretty much any my garage is for the cars..
(I do have a little storage shed out back)
loved the post!!
♥hugs and smiles..

Marigene said...

Hope your plan doesn't go awry before it is completed to your satisfaction...Good luck!

Inspired Comblogulations said...

Makes perfect sense to me.
I call my husband Ricky Ricardo too. Or Rickybob or tricky Ricky... Bubbalu, that was funny!

Rebecca said...

Sounds pefectly normal to me~and a great idea! I remember the day when I would move all the furniture in the house, just on a whim, now I can hardly move the dinning room chairs to vacuum!

Sandra said...

This reminds me of the circus act we did the summer of '08 when son and wife moved to NYC in a teensy apt. therefore having to store most of their belongings here and daughter was moving out of her apt. into their condo, etc. - all happening within 2 days time. You post makes PERFECTLY good sense to me.

Unknown said...

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