Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Laredo’s KHOY 88.1

Catholic Radio

        When driving through, in, and around Laredo, I like to turn my radio dial to KHOY 88.1.

        Why? Because as an easy listening radio station, sponsored by the Catholic church, the benefits are endless- and indeed heavenly.

        Every soothing, relaxing song you could ever imagine is played on this station, all without interruptions or commercials.

        All without one or two interruptions, that is.

        Throughout the day, at designated times, Catholic prayers are recited and personal stories of triumph and spiritual recovery are shared.

        The term catholic, after all, does mean universal, and as an Episcopalian my liturgy of choice votes for that.

        And what about road rage?  For those listening to this station while driving, it would be impossible to act in anger and frustration when a voice, speaking through your car speakers, quietly and reverently says,

Gracias a Dios”.

(Thank you God).



donna baker said...

I like the soothing songs too. I haven't heard much music for the last few years, having listened only to NPR. Now, I have an ipod and Sirius in my truck. I have enjoyed hearing much new music from blogs, of all places. Who would have thunk?

Karen said...

Laura, there is a station that I believe might be out of Corpus Christi that is very similar... sponsored by the Catholic church. I used to enjoy that as we were passing through their wave range.
For now, I enjoy Watercolors on Sirius.
Ladybug Creek

Deb said...

more people need to listen to soothing music when they drive...maybe we would have nicer drivers...

June said...

Isn't it interesting Laura how music can set the mood in any thing we are doing, from driving to house cleaning to meditating? It sounds like a wonderful station to play while traveling.

trash talk said...

Gracias for a lovely post.
P.S. If you're thinking about doing what I think you're thinking about doing...I've got some links that you might like.

Sandra said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sandra said...

Hi Laura. It sounds like a wonderful radio station. I wish we had something like this in my area. *sigh*

The Muse said...

i do feel that music calls to us...touches a part of our soul :) where a piece of God dwells.
glad you have a station that reaches you :)


Theresa said...

We should all listen to that kind of music while driving. Fortunately since I retired, uh... almost 8 years ago:) I don't do traffic! Have a sweet day dear Laura!

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