Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Red Yarn and Note to Daughters

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        There is nothing like a pile of yarn to create a sense of expectation.

        It took me a while, but I think I now have enough skeins to start my afghan.

         Why?  Because I didn’t realize this.


        No dye lot?  When did that happen?  Apparently during the last 15 plus years that crocheting was not on my TO DO list.

        Note to Daughters:  A To Do list can rob your soul. At the very least it creates a hurried memory loss about the joy givers in your life. Crocheting does not have to be on your list, but figure out what is.

        Note to Daughters , Part II: You can ‘work outside the home’ and still have soul feeders on your list, with one caveat.

Don’t measure your raising children, crocheting, cooking, tending, gardening, reading, Christmas decorating , and cleaning by anyone else.


        I bought this plastic container of knitting needles at the flea market a few years back.  The container even has a top which is attached with string.

I love things like this.

        This testament to one woman’s (the previous owner’s) ingenuity is my kind of feminine, cultural icon.

        Apparently knitting was on her list.


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deb said...

I love your notes to your daughters!

bj said...

I haven't crocheted in quite some time and had NO idea there were no longer dye lots. do these things happen?
One day, we were able to get all the road maps we wanted at the filing more...and haven't been able to for years and years.
One day, Woolworths was on the corner of nearly every town...all at once, YEARS AND YEARS ago, they were gone...
One day, my pharmacy had FREE yearly calanders...NO MORE...I spent one whole day looking for a 2010 calander..they all went on sale the first part of Jan. and now, I can't find one anywhee...
IT IS ALL CAZY...or is this just the way it is when you get....GULP....OLDEN??

bj said...

CALENDAR !! DAMN...I'm so olden, I forgot how to spell....:O)

Rebecca Nelson said...

Powerful Post.

Live today. Breathe it in. Life is speeding by why we are busy worrying about it!

Love to you OH TALENTED ONE.

You need to be PUBLISHED.

Love, Rebecca

Domestic Designer said...

Love to knit and crochet! I just started a new piece today. That container of knitting needles is precious. Obviously a treasure to the previous owner. I'm glad that it is yours now. I know you will treasure it as much as she did. Have a great day!

★Carol★ said...

Thanks for the tip about no dye lots! I want to learn to crochet, so that I can make an afghan. It certainly would stink to need just one more skein, and have it be a totally different shade.
I buy all of my knitting needles secondhand, and I love to think about the wonderful things that the woman before me made with them!
Happy REDnesday!

trash talk said...

Could I just steal some of your posts and sign my name to them? It sure would make my life so much easier and profitable!

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

I haven't crocheted in a while ,I was not aware of the no dye lot fact either ! What's the story with that ?
Happy Rednesday !

Deb said...

I love your letters to your daughters too!! never have been a knitter...made some potholders as a kid to watch people do it....

Debra@CommonGround said...

I always love your advice, Laura, AND I can't wait to see what you create with that red yarn. Have I mentioned that I'm knitting and crochet challenged? Something with fingers, yikes, I end up in knots, literally!

Blondie's Journal said...

Great advice to your daughters (you should have added my name after that).

I don't know how to crochet and I have forgotten how to knit. Those sort of things DO end up on my To Do list, like learning to sew. Can you imagine my guilt that my brand new sewing machine has been sitting here for 4 months? It was on my To DO list to learn to everyone else.

I am still going to learn to sew, and a million other things, but when I damn well feel like it.

Thanks, Laura.


Tanza said...

Hi Laura,
Awesome post !! soo happy to have found you as well .. Thanks for stopping by, and I will be checking in again real soon .. Have a happy, carefree evening ~
hugs ~tea~xo

Nancy said...

I evidently didn't get the memo, or the type of yarn, that does not have dye lots because there is definitely a difference in my afgan's oranges. :-(

SueLovesCherries said...

Pretty, pretty! I don't knit, but all the other females in my family do!

Beeutiful by Design said...

Love your note to daughters, will have to direct my daughter to this post. Also love your picks on the header. You are the sunshine in my day!

Blue Creek Home said...

I just caught up on some of your latest posts.
Good advice to that you stopped at Mel's Diner on your way to Dodge City (Ha!)...Wish I could crochet more than a straight line!! your garden shed and the wonderful things in it!...and love your silver.

*About my bathroom - it isn't a remodel. I have had several folks ask to see more of the house. I guess I raised curiosity levels by posting corners and edges of rooms, or just a piece of furniture...whatever was photo ready, and that's not much!!! So, I deep cleaned, recaulked, added some things, and finally posted photos. I will eventually do that with a few more rooms.

Anne Lorys said...

Wonderful post!
I so wish I could crochet or knit, but it ain't happenin' for this gal.

Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement on my blog about my shadow box!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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