Monday, April 12, 2010

A Better Shopper Than Seller


         My most recent project is a shared booth with my daughter at an antique mall.

         Although I enjoy it, I have realized something about myself…

         I am a better shopper than seller.

         In fact, when selling cases of candy rolled around ,throughout our 3 daughters’ numerous extracurricular school fundraisers, I usually bought it all (often because we had already eaten it).

         And then there were the Girl Scout cookies. Mercy.

         My sales pitch when selling any kind of raffle or BBQ ticket?

Me:  “Uhhh. I know you may not be interested, but this is for a great cause, but I understand if you aren’t interested, but if you are, great, but it’s ok- well, thanks.”

Then I wrote the check for the raffle tickets, and even though our chances were increased exponentially, we never won.


        My daughter painted the silhouette in the upper right corner.  I may take the turquoise sugar and creamer home (see?), and I also love the turquoise silhouette she painted.



        Here goes my sales pitch.

“Hmmm. If you have a chance, drop by, but it is just a tiny space, and we are doing this as a fun no big deal project, but you might see something you like, but I understand if you don’t, anyway, thanks.”

See what I mean?

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Unknown said...

I can totally relate! DO it all the time with my store.

trash talk said...

I always start out apologizing for my prices! Let's face it...we're all better shoppers. It was what we were born to do!
P.S. The silhouette is beautiful.

Leah said...

What a lovely little shop! Thanks for playing along this week on Toot Your Horn Tuesday!!

Dixie said...

Laura... let me echo Debbie... yes.. I take something new to my booth, then shop around the rest of the antique mall... and take 2-things home... what's wrong with this picture???

I love that tourquoise!

Karen said...

I'm trying to get there.... Wednesday is hopefully the day. Terri and I want to go so badly!!
It's looking real good, Laura.
Ladybug Creek

Debra@CommonGround said...

You sound just like me, If I can finally get it to the store and it sets there too long then I'll just bring it home. Unfortunately my house is about to explode so I'm not able to use excuses much longer!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love your things and it would be hard to sell them. I am thinking about an Etsy store. Sigh, but then I have to part with my treasures, if someone wants them that is and well maybe they won't cause it's just old stuff...see I understand.

Julie Harward said...

Good luck with it all...I was the same way and with 8 kids we about went broke! LOL Come say hi :D

Sammy Girl said...

Gosh ... we all sound SO MUCH ALIKE!! Here's to being a great shopper! ... (and okay seller, too - nice goodies!)
Hugs and have a great week!
Betty :)

Sandra said...

You definitely need to take the sugar and creamer home! Oh yes, you must!! All of it is so precious! xoxo

Simple Home said...

LOL, I'm so much the same way. I'm always impressed with the sellers that really seem to know what they're doing. That's never me :-)

Jojo said...

Well who could resist that creamer and sugar dish! You need to take that home! And what a supportive mom you were through the years! I know your children love you for it too! Worth every penny.

Theresa said...

Oh you are too cute! I have a room full of stuff that I have purchased thinking that I was going to someday (hehe) get a booth! But I look at all of the items and don't really want to get rid of them. So, I know what you mean. I see lots of stuff in your booth that I would buy if I lived closer. Who knows, someday I may just come shopping there.

Have a blessed day dear Laura!

Carole and Chewy said...

I think there's a seller's gene - my dad doesn't have it either. We caught him at our yard sale, giving stuff away to people that seem to like something. Sent him on break. Now he grows veggies "to sell" and gives them away too. But we love him anyways! He'd do anything for anybody.

Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

I can relate to's tough to sell and so EASY to buy! Love that milk glass!!

Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

Laura, I am laughing. I, too, am the appologetic seller. Lovely booth! Linda

Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

p.s. Oops, apologetic...I can't leave a typo for an English teacher (forgive me, I'm (was) a French teacher!).

Stacey said...

Laura, I'm laughing because I know that's exactly how I would be. I've sold several pieces of furniture (nice furniture) on Craig's List. When the people arrive they might point out a mark on the table and immediately I'm lowering the price! I know you are having fun though and sometimes that's all that matters!

Creations By Cindy said...

Laura, I know how you feel. I tired having a yard sale one with about 4 other ladies and I brought more home that I bought from them than I carried from my home to sale!!! Be blessed. cindy

Jane said...

I would have a hard time selling too....but I LOVE to buy!! Your booth looks lovely and your daughter is very talented.

Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

LOL I love it! A friend sent me the link to this post -- because it sounded so much like me. Yes, I could have said those very words. Except I did try to get the kids to sell their candy and cookies. Or my husband would buy a bunch and take them to work. Or he'd just take the raffle tickets to work and sell them.

Booths are perfect for people like us. I had a booth at one place or another for 10 years, before getting my own little shop. Um, yeah. Sales are not exactly through the roof. I think they'd be a lot better if I were more of a sales person. And it always shocks me when someone is actually willing to pay real money for something I bought. Another thing I'm bad to do is come way down on my price. "I'm asking how much for that? What was I thinking? I can take $xx for that." All I can say is thank goodness for the internet! I can kinda sell when I write descriptions 'cause I'm not looking the person in the face. It's more anonymous, like booths.

Enjoyed the read. And your booth looks great. I'm sure you'll do well. If you don't decide to keep it all. ;-)

Skoots1moM said...

i'm NOT good selling either...always feel as if i'm imposing or something...
great pics...will visit :)
thanx 4 sharing

Anonymous said...

I am so with you. I'm awful at selling anything. We, too, couldn't easily sell fundraiser goodies. By the last child I finally said to the sports de jour "just let me write you a check."

Splenderosa said...

All of you guys are SO funny. I'm a natural sales person IF I believe in what I'm selling.
That's why you can't be the pitcher & the catcher. See, it takes all kinds. Great post.

Sewn With Grace said...

Hi Laura! I've been looking for a turquoise sugar and creamer. If you still want to sell it, let me know. I'll pay shipping to MI. Have a blessed day!

Sherri said...

Love the milk glass and blue glass. I HATE selling fund raiser stuff. So I probably sound the same way. "hey selling this, ya don't haveto". LOL
Thanks for stopping by. As far as my link page to all the blog parties it's a built in on blogger now. Still fairly new feature.
You reach it by loggin in, go to edit posts. It will be to the RIGHT of that (Edit PAGES). Then you just add various pages which become buttons at the top of your blog.
Here's a tutorial:
Hope that helps! Let me know if you have more questions.

Sherri said...

DuH! You have buttons! LOL I didn't look first. *blush* ... So just add one for all the link parties you enjoy. :-)

Anonymous said...

Needs work, but you're funny, maybe you can take that pitch out on the road and look into comedy! lol
I'm just teasin''s nice to have met you, your blog...i'll poke around here some more!

ciao bella
creative carmelina was here!

Old Time Cindy said...

It is a tough dilemma balancing buying and selling. I acquire items for my Etsy shop and most are in my home, not in the shop. Sigh...
Blessings to you,

Kim said...

Laura, you had me cracking up! At least you entered the raffles. I would always forget to send them in! I think that lowers my chances of winning even more.

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Your booth looks great...I know how you feel about not keeping it for yourself!


Unknown said...

So funny, but I would be the same way! Good luck with your venture, and if I were you, I'd buy that cute turquoise sugar and creamer too. :)

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

Funny post! I can so totally relate!!!

Stephanie Suzanne Designs said...

Hi Laura,

You are sooo funny! LOL I remember doing the same thing with my ALL of the candy and tickets since..well, it was easier..haha ♥

You have some neat stuff in that booth. :0) Looks like a piece of McCoy pottery...the turquoise unusual shaped??

I'm visiting for Three or More Tuesday..I hope you will drop by when you have a moment. ♥

Have a lovely day...


Nancy's Notes said...

What a marvelous post! Oh Laura, your mother so had style, in every sense of the word! She was a remarkable woman, so talented, known for her wonderful designer skills! Thanks for sharing some of her antique pottery pieces, they are just awesome! That photograph of your daddy, priceless! One of my favorite photographs of my daddy is like that, at the ranch, in the corral working cattle and with his cowboy hat on! What great men! I can't wait to hear more about your precious grandson's "little house!"




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