Sunday, April 18, 2010

La Casa de los Abuelitos, Part II: Color,Talavera, and My House is Your House

IMG_0563                  (Part II of a series about the ‘little house’, a house in our backyard)

        I knew during the remodeling process I wanted a talavera sink.  The most affordable place to get one was in Laredo.  While there, I also bought this sink for the kitchen.


        It is hammered copper and is just the right size.  It may not be huge, but the scale is perfect for this space.


        The easiest way to get color in a space , especially a South Texas space,  is by using talavera. Why?  Talavera combines the artisan look of something hand painted with all colors. Consequently every color used with it looks good.



        The vintage salt and pepper shakers were my mother’s , and so were these.  The talavera platter is mine.



        I have found look alike pieces in unusual places like Ross.  I like the way this red area rug anchors everything.



        Talavera can be just as beautiful in blue and white.  I bought a pair of these lamps outside San Miguel de Allende, in Dolores Hidalgo, where talavera is manufactured.


        I used talavera tiles with initials to create name plaques for my grandsons.  The wood is cedar fence pickets.


         This is my favorite piece. I found this at a garage sale in Alice, Texas.


        These blue couches have been in my house and all of my daughters’ houses as well. Now I have them back.


        I didn’t vote for bunk beds- my husband did.  The bottom bunk has a trundle so three people can sleep here. Guess who? My husband and two grandsons. It’s a guy thing I guess.

        This is the little house- and if you are ever down this way, I have room.  I can make something to fill these


        Or I can offer you something cold out of this


        We can have chips and salsita served in these pewter molcajete bowls-


        And if you are really hungry, my husband can grill something outside-


        We can sit outside and laugh.


My House is Your House.


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Jojo said...

I love the talavera sink. I didn't know the name of it but the artwork is gorgeous. The salt & pepper shaker of your mom's is so cute too.

When you come to Atlanta, the same is true.

Deb said...

Oh I just love it. The pottery is beautiful and it looks like a lovely place to stay for a long weekend. Good Job.

Unknown said...

It takes my breath away! LOVE LOVE LOVE both of those sinks. It's really a beautiful home.

Deb said... your inviting...and warm...beautiful colors..

Our Porch in Hillsborough said...

I love your sinks - how great to have a perfect place for two totally different styles. Thanks for sharing your 'little house' with us!

BTW - I mentioned your blog in my post today. Your comment yesterday inspired me!


Karen said...

Oh, Laura, your unveiling is "muy bonito"!! I had no idea all of this magnificant redoing was going on just down my street. It's wonderful... may have to take a walk down to take a look.
Ladybug Creek

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura! Oh, I'm love this. That sink is gorgeous - love the vibrant colors! You have some very lovely things. Thanks for taking us into your little house again.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm so in love with that sink. Beautiful. Love all the color. Thank you for sharing.

A.M.I.N.A said...

Gorgeous collection!

Cindy said...

Soooo many gorgeous things! I would love a Talavera sink!!! I can't believe you found Mother Mary at a garage sale; that is a beautiful piece.

donna baker said...

Laura, I have to tell you about two funny signs I've seen around here. One said, Mi Casa Ain't Su Casa, and the other sign said, El Rancho Starvo.

Barbara said...

Laura, the sinks are both outstanding. You are lucky to live close the where you can purchase them.


Liz @ MLC said...

I love the sink! Happy MYM.

I played too. Mine is here.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I like the posts you've done so far on the 'little' house. I think it is a wonderful place to be filled with so many treasures from your family, and a nice place to gather with the grand kids, too.

Kammy said...

Wow, I really expected to see alot of white....not so - love the color, looks great !

susan said...

Laura-Maybe I need to make a road trip :) I especially love the blue and white! Both sinks are fabulous!

June said...

Oh my gosh Laura I love your 'little house'. I can only imagine how much your grandsons love it out there. It is so full of beautiful color and wonderful collections of your mothers. What a great place for the guy to just hang.(in their bunk beds) When you go stay out there, do you take the top or the bottom bunk?

eileeninmd said...

I love both of the sinks. Very nice! The colorful birds hanging down caught my attention. Very pretty.

Theresa said...

Oh how precious! I love all of the color and I would feel right at home here:) Have a blessed day dear Laura!

Designs on 47th Street said...

It's all so pretty and I enjoyed your pictures, but those SINKS! Wow! Especially the hammered copper really speaks to me. Just lovely!


Lisa said...

I had to go back over your archives & see the whole story with this divine little 'Grandson's' house. Wow, you are one gifted girl! What an amazing haven you've created for your family. I love the picture of your father ranching. I come from a farming history too. Just love a man in a hat on a tractor! Lisa

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Very pretty, Laura! And I like your new banner too. Looks like you've been busy making your house a colorful & unique space. Thanks for joining the party today, nice to see you again!

aspiritofsimplicity said...

Every thing is fantastic. I love that tile/art? work. Such great color.

Scribbler said...

Very cute! I love the whole concept of a guest house as opposed to a guest room. Thanks for reminding me of the pottery -- I had forgotten what it's called.


Sue McPeak said...

Hello Fellow Texan and Talavera Collector. I'm from San Angelo and Fort Stockton. I work and play at a very unique shop in Fort Stockton that carries a huge stock of Talavera...Bella Terrazza. I have quite a few posts on my blog about Talavera and Bella Terrazza that you might like to see. Your sink is really a nice example of very well done Talavera, and your home is Texas Terrific. Enjoyed my visit and signed up as a follower.

Bonnie said...

Love learning the names of the pottery. My son and daughter-in-law live in Del Rio,Texas right on the border. I like your "little house" so much. Thank you for sharing. Love your new sinks.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Oh the colors! Just gorgeous! I love it all and not only that, you ended on such a hospitable note. Made me smile. :)

Anne Lorys said...

Gosh, you're really taking me back to my year spent in the Valley. There's a lot I miss about that place, it's really like a whole 'nother world down there.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Boozy Tooth said...

Lora! Please forgive me, chica!!

I am so very very behind in my blog follow-upping. And you were so kind to swing by Casa Hice and leave me such a wonderful comment - you deserve better from me.

So although very belatedly I extend an appreciative THANK YOU! You made my day. Now I'm off to read White Spray Paint and I'm very much looking forward to getting acquainted!

Boozy Tooth said...

PS: I love, love, love the hammered copper sink. Wow! Fabulous! I want one now.

Julie Harward said...

I so love your little house in the back yard...I love color and it's all so cheery! Come say hi :D

Marguerite said...

Your Talavera collection is gorgeous! I especially love the sink and the wind chime. Beautiful colors and workmanship!

Atticmag said...

Where I live we never ever see Talavera and it's one of my faves. My sister has it in her house in Phoenix and I always enjoy seeing it. Great copper sink, too. -- Jane F.

Anonymous said...

I love your use of color throughout the house. It looks very welcoming to guests. Somewhere I would love to sit and have a margarita with a friend. :)

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