Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Falling in Love With What is Left


In my world of personal design,

particularly at Christmas,

I can honestly say

I enjoy


falling in love with what’s LEFT.


That is what really makes my heart skip a beat…

For me it usually starts after Christmas, the previous year.

I gather treasures that survived the jostling

and the jamming on shelves and Christmas departments

all over town.


It is like a Christmas flea market.

christmas blog 011


Did I know ahead of time, for example, with all sorts of decorative planning, that I would love

these vintage-like, dull silvered, glittered floral picks ?


but when they were 75% off at Thad’s in Spring last year,

I fell in love.

christmas blog 002

christmas blog 006

When I bought these mercury glass votives from

Laurie Anna’s in Canton this summer,

did I know how I would use them?


but it sure was fun to pull them out.

christmas blog 009

The list goes on.

I fell in love with these glittered trees last year.

My daughter Lauren gave them to me for Christmas.

So this year was a great surprise when I pulled them out of the Christmas closet.

She also found the silver glittered birds and churches just last week.

christmas blog 003

christmas blog 013

There is beauty everywhere this Christmas season.

As I visit blogs,

look through magazines,


slowly but surely venture out into the world of shopping,

I am in awe.

Someone somewhere took a spark of an idea,

probably standing in the middle of her (my)

living room,

in her nightgown,

late at night,

using a God given talent,

and what they had ,

with a smile on her face,

she fell in love


what was


christmas blog 004


I am linking to Linda’s Open House.


Just click on the button.


joanne said...

sweet post! I love your 'what is left''s kinda like the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. Nobody wanted it and it turned out to be the best.
Blessings to you this season..;j

Dixie said...

Hi Laura... I do the same thing... my problem is always "where'd I put all that stuff I bought after Christmas?"... the little churches are just delightful... I picked up one today at Walmart... I think it was $1... you're right... the beauty of Christmas is all around. Blessings. Dixie

CHERI said...

What a "thought-filled" post! Made me think of the times I've seen a teddy bear (I collect them) on a shelf in a store or antique shop looking all alone and I just knew I had to take it home with me!

Kathy@ Gone North said...

Fun Post!
I do the same... thrift Christmas all year long & it is SOoooo much fun to unpack & try to find places for all the "new to me" decor.
And I LOVE your trio of silver trees.

Jojo said...

That is so exciting! I rarely go out after Christmas but to your point...I'm missing the Christmas flea market!!!

Karen said...

Oh, Laura... those are so my colors that I LOVE! And if you can make a trip by Renee's, do so. They have a Christmas tree in there that is out of this world!!
GREAT post!
Ladybug Creek

trash talk said...

L.B., much so, I'm off to the closet, I mean Christmas Flea Market to find what I bought last year and forgot about!
P.S. got some kinda good God given talent for taking ordinary words and turning 'em into a real page turner.

Linda@Coastal Charm said... those sweet little churches! Thanks for coming to my OPEN HOUSE...hope you are having a fun time here:)


Anonymous said...

Laura, those photos are stunning. Love the elegance you've created. Girlfriend, you definitely have a gift and thank you for sharing!

NanaDiana said...

Oh Laura- You did good, darlin', you did good! I LOVE all your treasures...and that little feather tree is the cutest thing! Using fishing line or thread is such a good idea too! Hugs-Diana

Erin said...

Love it all and yes you do have a great eye for things:)

D.B. said...

Wow, this is simply gorgeous! You are welcome at The Ranch anytime for coffee, we even have Diet Dr. Pepper! I would love to visit your lovely abode as well. Maybe someday................

Theresa said...

Silvery sweet! I love looking thru my 75% and even 90% off goodies from last year! Like getting new decorations for FREE:) Have a blessed day my friend! HUGS!

Diane said...

What a beautiful post....I love what is left =) Sharing it with us, left us in awe!

Jane said...

A very pretty post. And very pretty glittery decorations. What was left was beautiful!

Lisa said...

I love your sweet kissing birds and glittery church. It is fun isn't it, to pull out the boxes and rediscover our treasures. Thank you for sharing your beautiful treasures and memories with us.:)

Glenda/MidSouth said...

I do most of my shopping in the "whats left" sections. :D I really like the churches.

kallen1105 said...

Laura... your decorations are just beautiful. Hope you share some more pics. Great inspirations. I love all the silver. Thanks for sharing.

Olive said...

You lovey have such a delightful view of everything! Even clearance sales...which I never pass by. The silver churches are lovely.

Marguerite said...

Love your silver collection. Just lovely and I know what you mean about the Christmas Flea Market. My problem is a lack of storage space. I have to keep all of my collections from the years, in a storage unit and it is so jammed packed with stuff that I can't get to them. So, I'm keeping it simple, this year.

Deb said...

I love Christmas decorations...and love to buy whats is left over...


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