Saturday, December 10, 2011

Westheimer Goodwill


I assume most people driving

through the Galleria area of Houston

are headed to stores just a tad bit different

than my destination.

When time permits, on my drive home to the valley from my daughter’s,

I like to stop at the

Goodwill Store on Westheimer.

In fact, my last stop involved persuading my

husband that I would only be a minute,

and wasn’t it lucky he had the newspaper to read while waiting in the truck?

This is what I found.


This gold angel was $4.99

(I found the iron retablo at Harrell’s Drug Store

in Kingsville, and I almost squealed when I spotted it.)

I was really lucky that day at the Goodwill, and I found these.


An iron stand with a large mercury glass globe-



Four iron candle holders-

$5 each.


Two iron stands with clear globes-

$8.99 each.


And a red velvet, quilted bed jacket with pretty buttons-


I am either going to wear it while propped up in bed ringing a bell,

or more likely,

it will become a tree skirt or centerpiece runner.


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Vera @ Cozy Little Cabin said...

I didn't realize you are in Houston - I was born and raised there and moved to east TX about 15 years ago. I know the area you're talking about for thrifting! I was thrifting the Westheimer area when pregnant w/my oldest who is now 41!

Have you been to the Blue Bird Circle on W Alabama?

Lots of great thrift stores there and you got some great bargains!

Yep - glad your hubby had the newspaper!

Brenda Pruitt said...

You did great! I went to one last weekend. But the prices there were about as high as regular store prices.

Marigene said...

You did fabulous for only being gone for a minute, Laura! The wrought iron stand with the mercury glass globe is lovely.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I can't wait to see the re-purposed quilted jacket it's new life.
OR... hear what it's like to sit in bed and ring a bell for service!

great finds~ Pat

Lynn said...

That happens to me one every blue moon!

Sonny G said...

wow you really racked up.. love it all.

Phyllis @Around the House said...

Wow you found the greatest buys...I think you are neck and neck with me lookin for bargains...I am a new follower...phyllis

Deb said...

awesome finds....

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

You hit the jackpot for sure. I love a good bargain.

NanaDiana said...

And, let me guess, your husband rolled his eyes when you returned with a cart full?!?! I love all your finds- WOW~ Personally, I would LOVE to see you propped up in bed with that jacket ringing for service~ MUST do that! xo Diana

Vintage Gal said...

Wow ~ What wonderful finds. Love the iron stand with the mercury glass globe ;-)

Gloria said...

Your finds are wonderful. Goodwill is my favorite place to shop. I live in WV and there is a wonderful goodwill 5 min. from my house. Most of my clothing comes from there and I find a some really great tablecloths and bed clothes. My most recent best find was a twin size white sheet with a wide crochet border from Company Store for $1.49. I don't think it had ever been used.

Jo @ Let's Face the Music said...

Lovely items. I especially like the little gold angel. I have a bed jacket which I wear when I make a cup of coffee and take it back to bed with me. If I had a bell, I'd ring it. Jo @ Let's Face the Music

Theresa said...

Great finds! Aren't the fellas so special when they sit in the car and wait on us to shop? I love mine, he does it too! He loves crossword puzzles and can sit for hours doing those:)

Have a blessed day dear Laura, HUGS!

Lynn at Cottage and Creek said...

I can see why you love to stop at that Goodwill. Looks like they have a great selection. I love repurposing clothing items into pretty household furnishings. I hope you share what you make with the quilted bed jacket. I'm your newest follower and I hope you get a chance to pop over to Cottage and Creek and follow back. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

oh hopefully a tree skirt - prettiest ever! such great finds, lucky you! I have never made friends with any of the GW resale stores in town, just have not had much luck. Sounds like a possible goal for 2012.

The Charm of Home said...

These are some great finds! Love that red quilted jacket! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!


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