Saturday, January 14, 2012

When Things Aren’t Changing Right Away


You know what it’s like.

Sometimes the major pieces in a room aren’t going anywhere

anytime soon.

Why?  The usual suspect: budget.

Or maybe you just aren’t ready yet.

Let’s also say that your den is the room in question,


let’s also say you like red and zebraprint,

and the wingback chair sitting next

to the red glossy/chipped finished

chest that belonged to your mother.



And then there’s the old, worn dining table

and its chairs whose seats are covered in dull red too.



And the couches- which will be

the first thing to go when the time comes-

are looking a little tired,

but they are so comfortable

and great for naps and football watching.


So when that happens,

may I recommend doing what I did?

Go to Ross and spend a very small

amount of money

to show you are in it to win,

at least for now.

You are saying, ‘I like this room just as it is’.

You embrace it rather than ignoring it.

Rather than subtracting,

it works for me to add

just slightly, using a very small amount of money.

And so I did.


Purchased: 2 kilim like pillows in dull red   $7.99 each

zebra runner with black fringe  $8.00

dull red crackled tray  $6.99

Try it- it works.


Pondside said...

Good advice - and I like the layers of time and memory in a room like yours. It would be a shame, in so many ways, to turf it all out and start fresh - boring!

Barb @ The Everyday Home said...

Yep! Works for me. I also try to go "Home" shopping because usually I find just as much that I can use in other rooms in different ways. I love your bench by the way - simply LOVE. Blessings, Barb

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I like the 'time built this room' look myself. Adding in a few pieces *for now* lets us enjoy it a little bit longer.

Great idea.

Theresa said...

Tried five times to leave a comment from blogger on my computer. Grrrrr. The only way I can comment is from my iPhone.

Anyway, love the additions you made to change the room:).

Enjoy your weekend, hugs!

Nancy's Notes said...

Now, that is my idea of fun! Love to see what works and play with items you just listed! Awesome looks, Laura! Love that zebra runner and yes, I love your rooms they are and your special touches are indeed, awesome. Each and every room in your home is a vision of perfection! You've got such a great eye for detail, you know how to make things look unforgettable, every one of your projects is classic! You and your great finds and your creative and artistic mind, make for a home full of ambiance! You have some prized pieces and so many wonderful collectibles, Laura, you've created a such a warm and truly elegant home, love watching you create!

Your bossy friend,


Karen said...

This looks great, Laura!
Ladybug Creek

Bliss said...

Boy did that post strike a cord with me! That budget thing and living with stuff because of either budget or being afraid to tackle or change or a combo of both. I tell 'ya, reading all the blogs makes me look at my interior different. So tomorrow I'm gonna take your advice for my family room - which the couch isn't going anywhere any time soon either - and see what what I can add!


trash talk said...

Red's a lot of things, but I've never thought of it as dull. What you call "dull" red, I like to call "dirty" red...makes it sound just a little bit more daring and naughty...and I love it.
I hear you girl. What was a dirty red couch...and I do mean now white thanks to two white chenille spreads. Woo Hoo!

Claudia said...

Good idea! I do the same thing all the time - I don't have the funds to completely redo. So I tweak.



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