Monday, February 13, 2012

Humble Ingredients And The Grapes of Wrath


Years ago,

when my English 3 AP students were studying

The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck,

I suggested that my father read it.

His response?

”Don’t have to. Lived it.”

And so as I assembled a very simple

Sunday evening supper yesterday,

I saw humble ingredients

everywhere I looked.


Canned tomatoes for vegetable soup.


Cornbread prepared in an aluminum pan

so my father could take home what was left

for a later glass of crumbled cornbread and milk.

And cilantro to

garnish the soup.

At the grocery store earlier in the day,

I noticed the grocery carts of other shoppers full of all sorts of humble ingredients.

Many of those same carts contained cilantro too.

We were all cooking simply.

My father’s comment when I walked him to

his car, leftover cornbread in tow?

”Enjoyed it.”


savvycityfarmer said...

thanks for such sweet memories!!

love cooking simply
miss ya

Bliss said...

Might just be a cornbread and chili night now thanks to you. My daddy would of liked that too!


trash talk said...

Why waste leftovers...or words. Those two simple words spoke volumes.

Theresa said...

Sweet meal for your Handsome Daddy:) Love it that he took the leftovers to enjoy again! Have a blessed day dear Laura, HUGS!

Anita at Cedar Hill said...

Nothing wrong with a humble meal.

Olive said...

nothing better than homemade cornbread and family...

donna baker said...

My mother used to eat cornbread with buttermilk; we kids thought it a terrible concoction. Our grandma Merriot went to California to pick apples but made it back to Oklahoma. She had so little, but could make sausage that had no meat and tasted like the real thing.

Karen said...

Love your post. I hope you get a few stories out of your dad about the Great Depression. I rate cornbread and "sweet milk" (meaning not buttermilk) as one of the BEST comfort foods one can have. I may just have to make some!
Ladybug Creek

Marigene said...

There is nothing better than a simple home cooked meal...nothing fancy, mind you.

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

Laura, just an FYI ... sometimes I am unable to access a certain post. One was titled Test and one Temp. Hope this makes sense to

Deb said...

your Dad is awesome...

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Oh my! What memories. My dad used to crumble cornbread into buttermilk.

CHERI said...

Your daddy sounds like a man of few words...but very wise ones I'm sure. There's nothing more comforting than a bowl of homemade soup and some cornbread! My hubby is the cornbread baker around here...his is much better than mine:)

momto8 said...

the simple a beautiful thing.
i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.


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