Friday, August 10, 2012

Jewelry Fruit Bowl

fruit bowl

Have you ever impressed…


Isn’t it great fun?

It makes me laugh thinking about it.

I am my own audience of one!

When I found this stray flea market find out in

the garage ,

I did not think of


I thought of the end of my dresser.


And so,

true to my blog’s roots

and my mother’s tutelage,

I spray painted it flat white.

And now it holds this.



Loui♥ said...

love it..
love the turquoise!!
I could send you sugary white sand to fill it..
how pretty your turquoise would look with that as a backdrop!

Sonny G said...

very pretty, indeed.. I love that style of bowl.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

It looks great. I would never have thought to spray paint it. The color of the beads next to the white is stunning.

Karen said...

I love this!!!! I love it when we reaffirm to ourselves that an old path is so often the right path. Great way to start the day, Laura.
Ladybug Creek

Renée Finberg said...

this is truly brilliant!!!
love it.

...and no,
you are certainly not
an audience of one!

keep up the genius ideas

Donnamae said...

Wow! Impressive...looks beautiful! (I think you are getting a standing ovation!). More please...your audience demands it!! ;)

Theresa said...

Love it;). Have a blessed day, hugs!!!!

NanaDiana said...

Oh---looks good white- I'm betting it was that tannish (with an orangish cast) piece before- Pretty with your turquoise- xo Diana

Ramblings of a Southern Girl ~ Rhonda G said...

It wears white well! :) Great idea to spray paint it! And I love the turquoise! Perfect accent!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I keep my jewelry in a box. blech!!!

Your's is so lovely in your bowl, on your dresser, rather than in the garage.

Brenda Pruitt said...

And it is quite lovely!

Chenille Cottage said...

You have created a classic with a simple can of paint!
Marvelous, my friend!

Shabby Brocante, Karen said...

Gorgeous. So perfect there. love the gold accents on the lamp and letter "H."

Sarah said...

I hope it's overflowing with turquoise beads. I love putting some of my jewelry into an open bowl. ;-)

Connie said...

I am so delighted that I found your awesome blog. That fruit bowl is amazing in white, great job!
You are a true inspiration.
I am your newest follower.
Please come over to visit.
It would make my day if you decided to follow me back.

Here's to creative blogging sisters everywhere . . .
long live creativity!

Have a great week, Connie :)

Bonnie said...

STUNNING! Looks wonderful.

trash talk said...

Not just one darlin'. You got yourself a secret!


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