Thursday, January 10, 2013

No Spend January



Due to the influence of my middle daughter , I am having a No Spend January

And yes I am of a ‘certain generation’ that was taught a variety of behavior rules about these things- as in you don’t ever talk about money-

or swim after eating,

or run crossing the street,

or put your elbows on the table,

or wear white after Labor Day.

In a single word that sums it up- ‘whatever’.

And so, what does a no spend month look like here?

Anything that does not fall into the category of food, gasoline, or monthly bills is off limits.

My daughter succinctly described it like this,

after I asked her a million questions- seeking loopholes,

as in-

“what about caladium bulbs at Sam’s that are a great price and I need to get them in the ground and what if there is the perfect round dining table at the flea market just waiting for me after all of these years and what if I need to buy samples of white paint because I now want to paint all of my yellow walls white?”

Daughter:  “Mother, just stay out of Ross (Dress for Less).”


And so I am in the midst of only spending money this month on what we need, and it has been a real eye opener.

This is what I have learned.

1.  We don’t need anything.

2.  Being a good shopper and ‘finder’ is not a reason for shopping or finding.

3.  I may be, albeit a mild mannered one,  a rule breaker at heart.

4.  I come from humble, hard working stock. They had no spending years.

5.  I already knew the benefits of doing this, but I got mixed up.

6.   This has made me look around my home and garage and see more things I do not need.

And yes, I still want the caladium bulbs and the rose bushes at WalMart, but I want to do this too.

I really did know about this.

In fact I wrote about it here in my post on Foolproof Financial Advice.

But again, in my favorite words of Steve Martin,

“I got mixed up.”



Theresa said...

Good luck to you on No Spend January:) I bet you are going to have a huge pile of money at the end of the month, they we will go shopping! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Dewena said...

Do books count? Aren't they kind of like food? No, okay, can I start after today? Trip planned to bookstore today. What about I start after today and then go through the 10th of February?

Always Nesting said...

Oh, oh, oh. Not even St. Vinneys if there happens to be a treasure???

Terri said...

Ouch! A WHOLE month???? Maybe you should take baby steps and do it for a week??????? LOL

Vanessa said...

This is a great idea and image all the money saved if people did this three times a year. I'll am going to join you on this quest too. I have thus so far not gone shopping since the Holiday's.

Jacqueline said...

We were just talking about this, my daughter and I! We as women shop recreationally, and I am as guilty as others. I was teaching a class on financial preparedness in our church a few years ago and it was in March, so I spent all of January and February without spending and then taught about it. It is an amazing experience. Thanks for sharing this great idea.

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi Laura, I need to have a No Spend Year! Don't think it is going to happen though. Best of luck and I look forward to hearing how the plan works out. xx, Sherry

Debby said...

I was trying to do this until yesterday and saw two stamps that I have really wanted. If you saw all the stamps I have that I don't use......oh my. Only $ will do something to offset that. I do this "no spending" alot....but around the holidays it all goes out the windows.....then I need to catch back up. Thanks for the reminders. There are alot of us that need nothing.

Jo @ Let's Face the Music said...

By the end of January you are going to feel sooo POWERFUL that you'll think you can accomplish just about anything. What's February's challenge? Jo @ Let's Face the Music

Anonymous said...

Oh you'll be fine who need clutter anyway?

a quiet life said...

i had book buying rules for the year, i broke it in 6 days, better luck to you.

you can see why i don't even attempt food rules...

don't forget the economy still needs us when we get confused~

NanaDiana said...

I hear you- I have been shopping so much less than I used to. I find I need less and less and want to purge more and more. I stay out of the stores, too. Good for you- I am proud of you-xo Diana

Glenda/MidSouth said...

I cut back on my spending a while back when I started decluttering - Now I ust need to finish decluttering. :D
About the only thing I have bought in a while now other than necessities, is jewelry making supplies - and not a lot of those.

Nancy's Notes said...

Awww...mixed up? Girlfriend, not you! You are so cool, calm, collected, the no spend rule is just a rule! You can break it sweet friend!! You are the best at finding the right deal, always!!
Love you,

Pura Vida said...

place your order with me and I'll mail it to you...this is too too funny


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