Friday, June 5, 2009

Random Question Results

After reading your answers (and I appreciate you answering),


I’m just glad we are all in this together and obviously listening to the beat of many,many drummers!


I really needed a laugh , and you gave me one.

Thanks ladies.


Kelly said...

There is a man down the street from me who is just now planting his whole garden. He always plants late and his garden is always beautiful!

Dixie said...

Hi Laura... came by to answer your "reading" question...

Most of my "reading" consists of listening to audio books these day. I travel a lot in my car for business... rather than listening to the same old talk radio, or the same songs hour after hour... I listen to books. I had a blind friend years ago that listened to audio books, and she got me hooked.

It comes in handy now, from the driving standpoint... I also have severe dry eye syndrome, so reading lasts only 30-minutes or so before I can no longer stand the eye strain...

So, that's the story... sometimes I listen when I garden, or sit in the hot tub alone... or... when I'm painting furniture white... LOL

have a glorious weekend...

The Texas Woman said...

Answer to the weight loss question - portion control and only one between meals snack limited to 100 calories.

The Texas Woman


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