Monday, January 11, 2010

I Have Questions

question mark

        I have questions, and I know you have answers.

*  If a gracious blogger signs on as a follower on your blog, and she doesn’t list her blog’s name in her profile or her email address, how do you contact her to say thank you?

*  How do you organize your photos that are on your hard drive?

*  Do you save your photos on an external hard drive?

*  Do you print your pictures periodically?

*  Has anyone ever spray painted an installed light fixture – as in mid air- because you don’t want to remove it? This would involve a step ladder, spray paint, and some sort of tenting…

*  What is Blissdom? I know it isn’t a ‘kingdom of bliss’, even though that sounds wonderful…

*  When you are taking a photo of a shiny object , how do you keep your reflection holding the camera out of the picture?  Do you hide?

*  Do you ever hide?

*  Do you just ignore your garden in the winter?

*  Does anyone remember that (crazy) book Total Woman?

*  Does anyone remember that (crazy) book Stop the Insanity?

*  Does anyone just want to dance?

*  Why can’t there be a once a year blog reunion, with lots of covered dishes and baked goods for sampling, and a Motown live band at night?

If you have time and are willing, I am really interested in your answers to any of these questions.






Libbie said...

I have imagined the blog fest :) The biggest names would have boths you could stop by & my sister & I would be pointing & whispering -oh there SHE is! SHE is fabulous!

Some people would be selling their wares.

We would Not need any name tags - you would just know your friends!

We would all have adorable little "calling cards" that we took ages to design just because it would be fun :)

Oh ~ we would need a whole weekend!

Amy@TheLemonCottage said...

All great questions.

I am (sadly) ignoring my garden. Not that I can actually see any of them, as they are buried under several feet of snow. I look out the windows and whisper to them that I am thinking of them. :)

I've been wondering about the reflection thing too. I hide (and then the picture looks like poo)


Karen said...

Okay, Miss Laura... because your questions are so intriguing (like I want to know the answers too!), I have so much to do today and only have a fraction of it done, and it's lunch break for me, so I'm sitting down with a tuna sandwich and a Diet Coke and will answer the little that I know ...
1. I have wondered this myself!
2. What's a hard drive?
3. An external WHAT?
4. I do print some pictures (phew! something I can answer)
5. Hire it done, Laura.
6. Blissdom... yes, where bliss lives
7. I love that reflection
8. Yes.. I hide
9. No garden; just guilt that I am a farmer's wife who doesn't know how to garden
10. & 11. No... I am not in favor of self-help books. They make me crazy!
12. YES! I want to dance!!
13. When's the reunion. I have a great new casserole

P.S. What happened to the exclamtion point police? When I first started blogging I was not allowed to use exclamation points. Guess when they saw me they gave up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Loui♥ said...

Good morning laura..
1. Blogger contact..just click on their name, that will take you to their site, leave a message and request they contact you via your email..

2. I use Picasa for my editing program. (FREE)
store my photos in folders with names, dates etc that I understand. I am the only one using this computer, so no one has access.

3. Yes.. I do store photos on an external hard drive, again by folder, date etc

4. I print as needed/wanted. also download and store on Discs. to the spray paint question. all of my spray painting is done outdoors.

6.Blissdom? bliss..a state of utter joy? happiness?

7.i don't always use the flash for shiny objects..

8. Boy..Do I EVER HIDE? I turn off my cell phone, take Nikon and Kodak my constant companions and hide for several hours..only when i return home, do I allow myself to be FOUND!
those who know and love me are aware of this and will just leave me a message, either at home or on the cell..

9. no ..i don't ignore the garden even tho it is buried under a blanket of snow..I still talk to it..

10..Total Woman..yes.. remember it.

11. Stop the Insanity yes.. remember it too..

12.I dance all the in my heart makes my feet happy..felines think Mama is nuts..they just watch and wait...
in fact.. I do march to the beat of my own drum!

now..I'm out the hide!
warm hugs..laughing smiles..

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

You are too funny...great post.'s my response to a few of the ?'s...
I try not to ignore my garden in the Winter. I am in Florida and usually, we can grow year 'round; however, we have had several (very unusual) nights of hard's everything's 'bout dead now. This really makes me sad...I love my garden.

Yes, I remember that crazy, blonde, short-haired Susan whatsername! Whatever happed to her?

Haven't figured out the camera/flash issue. This causes me much dismay!

I organize my photos by the following categories:
Javan (grandson)
Bloggy Pics (here I save fav pics with ideas, etc)
Craigslist (items 4 sale)

Well, gotta get back 2 work...have a great day!


Deb said...

Wow always make us think....I do have an external drive to save my photos...I have some printed...but not all..I would have to be very wealthy as many photos as I take...and then where would I put them???? I do remember Stop the ansity....whatever happened to her...I love to dance....too bad I'm not as good as I think I am....I ruin more photos with my reflection in them...but then sometimes they turn out cool....don't know about painting the light....

Lenore said...

Oh, Laura.......sooooooo many questions, so few answers!!!!LOL
The reflection question is a difficult one....I take many photos for my etsy shop that I have that problem with and just do the best I can...mostly viewers see my fingers and the camera in the photo!!!LOL

Unknown said...

What a fun collection of questions, I've enjoyed reading the other responses - thought I'd jump in...
1. I'm a bad blogger - didn't realize I should say thank you for following, my mother taught me manners - need to improve.
2.I use Photo Shop, it organizes my photos according to date. Photos I receive from the sons go into folders with their names, photos of dogs (for my day job) have a separate folder for posting in my newsletter.
3. I do have an external hard drive, just to be safe, my family photos are also stored on discs. I've been scanning family photos from my childhood and giving each sib a new set of discs at Christmas. Some day we'll all own copies of each photo.
4.I print special photos.
5.Hubby, the contractor stroked out when I spray painted photo frames in the basement - so a light fixture would probably need to go outside.
6.I want to go to Blissdom (does it involve wine and a great book?)
7.I turn off the flash for photos of shiny objects, I take the photo from the side, if all else fails, I edit in Photo Shop
8.If buying a latte and heading to TJ Maxx is hiding - I hide frequently.
9. My garden is ignoring me until spring, I take the hint and stay inside.
10 Not a total woman
11. I stopped the Insanity years ago and lost lots of weight - need to find that book.
12.Hubby and I have taken ballroom dance classes for several years - we're ready if Dancing with the Stars needs us.
13.My husband would create his own blog if he could attend a party with good food and Motown.

This has been fun, I'm going to look for Blissdom.....

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

I always hide! Always! never spray painted anything hanging in mid air. I did spray paint something in the house and we all almost died from the fumes. I seriously said to my family, we will all wake up with less brain cells tomorrow! Bring a reunion on and I LOVE Motown!! I'll dance at the drop of a hat. Do not remember those books. Don't organize my photos, I need to!!

Have a great day!

Lou Cinda

Anonymous said...

I LOVE all these questions because they come to my mind from time to time also - except the spray painting a fixture while installed. Girl, give that more thought cuz I don't think it would be safe for you or your home.

A big blogger reunion sounds fabulous. I'm there!

Blissdom - heard the name but don't know who gets the invites.

Reflection - makeup and hair done, I'm ok but PJ's and no face on - I'm gonna hide, hide, hide. Don't want to scare my readers!

Organizing pictures - just been working on that and what a mess I have!

Dance - love dancing. Love dancing. When the term Shake Your Bootie came out, I thought it was just for me :) Can hubby come to dance - he's so much fun.

Laura, I love your energy. If we met in real life we would have so much fun!

Jennifer@woodleycottage said...

What a fun post! I have not spray painted a hanging light fixture but I did spray paint a hanging mirror in my half-bath. I did find that spray paint is "micro-molecular" and even though my entire bathroom was covered with several layers of paper and painters tape I still have some areas where the paint MIST got on the wall. And, it was not really near where I was painting. SO go figure that one. Good luck!

Sherrie said...

I have the same questions. First of all question number one. I have a couple of folks that I would love to say thanks and send them a howdy but when I click on, I see only the sites they follow and not their own blogs. When it asks if you want to send a message, it says first you have to be a member, etc. I never continue down that path because I'm not sure where it is taking me. Also I would love to add a nice little sentence or two where people click on to leave a comment, but no where on my layout does it say what to do or how to add. Finally, I would love to do links within, under the "you might like this" section, like what you have .... but how do I do so? I am going to be watching this post and learning the answers right alongside of you. Thank you so much for starting this discussion. P.S. Your blog is so beautiful... a visual pleasure.

Theresa said...

Let's see, I think everyone who follows should identify themselves. I don't really like anonymous followers. I am trying not to look back at the questions. (memory test) I have two computers with pictures on both. I am about a year behind printing. Errr... blogging is at fault for that:) I don't remember those books you listed, or do I remember what the titles were:) I would love to get a huge blog reunion together. Wouldn't it be great to all get together? Let's see, I don't tend to my garden in the winter. Sometimes I get an occasional bloom and I pick it! When I am taking a picture of a shiny object, I step to the side. Sometimes it makes it a little crooked but at least it doesn't have a glare or show my snout in the picture. OK... that's all I can remember. Hope I covered most of the questions! Have a blessed day!

Lee said...

My sister spray painted a chandelier white while it was hanging... it looked great...she didn't use any tenting just went really slow. I would suggest a card board spray shield.
I store my pictures or most of them on my hard drive... never print them. I use a company called Shutterfly online... they are fabulous.
I have never been much of a dancer.
I am really reclusive...but might like a reunion.
I have way too many pictures and folders and have tried to stay organized but...I don't think I would consider my self successfully organized.
I cut back some of the dead stuff in my garden if it is a pretty day, but not much other than that... if your not careful you cut your spring Neil Sperry says.

Hope you get the rest of you questions answered... one kind of bliss would be eating whatever you want, whenever you want and staying in a size eight.

Sandra said...

I'll answer for you! 1. I haven't figured it out. 2. I organize my pictures according to event or subject matter. 3. Have not backed them up. I need an external hard drive. I love Motown. I love to dance. Casserole carousing would be fun! Don't have a garden. I'm through! Love this post. xoxo

Leave a Legacy said...

Oh gosh, now I can't remember the questions. So I'll have to scroll back and forth.
1.Saying "Thank you " for following is a good idea. I should do that. I guess you click on their picture.
2.Organize in folders under "My Pictures", which is under "My Documents"
3.No - but I need to do that, too.
4.No, I don't print. Someone told me you could send your pictures over the computer to Wal-Mart for printing. - Need to figure that out, too.
5.I'd end up spray painting the whole room in order to cover up the mess I made.
6. Are you sure it's not the Kingdom of Bliss?
7.Just have to let the reflection show. Don't know how to avoid.
8. I try, but someone always finds me.
9. I ignore the garden because it's under more than a foot of snow.
10 & 11. Yes, remember them both.
12. Sometimes, if a good 70's song is playing.
13.A blog reunion party would be so much fun. I would love to be there.

This was fun. Thanks, Laura.

LPC said...

Laura, Blissdom is a Blogging Conference:). I think anyone can go if they register?

Debra@CommonGround said...

Inquiring minds want to know:
don't know
I'd like to know too, because I have a brass monster that I can't stand.
That's what happens when you drink too much.
hide, but difficult, remember not to be naked.
shoot from the side, yes all the time ha ha
what garden
don't read ha ha
love to dance
Let's plan it!!!!!

Tracy Wills said...

LOL, ya'll are cracking me up!
Thanks :)

Dirt Princess said...

Let me try....

* If a gracious blogger signs on as a follower on your blog, and she doesn’t list her blog’s name in her profile or her email address, how do you contact her to say thank you? i DON'T KNOW, BUT WOULD LIKE TO. I OFTEN HAVE THIS ISSUE.

* How do you organize your photos that are on your hard drive? I ORGANIZE BY YEAR, MONTH & DATE FOR FLOWERS. EVERYTHING ELSE I DO BY EVENT

* Do you save your photos on an external hard drive? YES

* Do you print your pictures periodically? YS

* Has anyone ever spray painted an installed light fixture – as in mid air- because you don’t want to remove it? This would involve a step ladder, spray paint, and some sort of tenting…NO AND I WOULDN'T ADVISE DOING THIS

* What is Blissdom? I know it isn’t a ‘kingdom of bliss’, even though that sounds wonderful…BLISSDOM IS BEING HAPPY AND JOYFUL

* When you are taking a photo of a shiny object , how do you keep your reflection holding the camera out of the picture? Do you hide? I BOUGHT A NEW CAMERA! LOL!

* Do you ever hide? YES

* Do you just ignore your garden in the winter? KINDA....BUT THEN THE WEEDS PULL ME OUT THERE

* Does anyone remember that (crazy) book Total Woman? NOPE

* Does anyone remember that (crazy) book Stop the Insanity? NOPE

* Does anyone just want to dance? ALWAYS

* Why can’t there be a once a year blog reunion, with lots of covered dishes and baked goods for sampling, and a Motown live band at night?

Anonymous said...

Oh my God!!!! Total Woman.....I cannot believe you remembered that. Made me laugh out loud to think back.....what great memories. Total Women eating magic bars!!
Love ya,
PS. It was probably me that tried to be a follower this morning, I don't think I filled out anything.....who knows..I'm so computer savy! NOT!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Thanks for coming by for a visit...great post you have here! I have a few answers for you:
1.No spray painting inside.
2. External hard drive? No
3. Print pics periodically? No
4. Ignore my garden in the winter? Yes
5. Blog reunion with lots of food and a live motown band? YES...sounds like soooo much FUN!!!

June said...

Laura you make me laugh. All these comments are pretty funny too.
My answers to your questions are

I have no idea, but remember that some followers don't have a blog...just a blogger account.

I don't




yes-whenever my husband brings his cop friends home and I look a mess.


Total Women... I'm trying to forget, thanks for bringing it up it will take me another twenty years to forget!


yes...all the time

Let's have it on a ranch in Idaho and we'll have lots of potatoes!

donna baker said...

Huh, to the first 8. Yes, to the next 4. And tell when and where.

trash talk said...

Now you know I don't like to think, but I'll try to answer at least some of your questions.
-Perhaps they are hiding too and don't want to be found.
-From the other answers...sounds like it would be easier to take it down...spray paint in the eyes sounds like it would hurt.
-BlissDom is a conference and since Harry is going to be there, I would say it is located just beyond the realm of possibilities.
-if possible...if I realize it in time.
-Always...behind the laughter
-from the looks of my garden, I've been ignoring it for quite some time and not just this winter.
-wish I didn't
-all the time..I am the best chair dancer ever!
-I'll bring the chicken salad.
Now I'm going back to the BlissDom website and look at Harry for just a bit longer.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

I upload my photos thru photosmart, so they load auto. in folders by month.
The ones I want to keep, I put on a CD.
I would NOT spray paint inside. When I spray outside, then pick up the drop cloth/paper I had the object on, you can see a faint outline of where it was. Would not want that mist of paint in my home.
Hide, so no reflection.
Do I hide? I just do my own thing.
Garden totally neglected right now - just to cold.
I am sure I missed some questions, but I am having server issues this morning, so if I go back to look I may not be able to return for a while. :)

Our Porch in Hillsborough said...

What great questions - and answers in the previous comments. I have answers for a few of them:

I sell lots of sterling items on eBay and the photos are always tricky - with rounded items like bowls and spoons your reflection will always show. Unless . . . you get a light box. If you google 'photo light box' you'll see lots of great options for around $50. Sometimes you can find good ones on eBay as well - or make your own.

I use a jump drive/memory stick to store backups of photos - it just takes a few minutes to copy them one a month. Then (of course!) store the removable drive in a separate location - I have a friend who keeps hers in the PC all the time - so in case of a real emergency the copies would be lost as well.

I'd love to attend a blogger retreat! Have you been to a Southern Lady Celebration? It's a weekend 'conference' sponsored by Southern Lady magazine and it's kind of the atmosphere you're talking about - laughs all weekend with great speakers (gardening/antiques, etc.) and lots of food!

Sometimes I do hide - from too chatty/nosey neighbors when I'm gardening (which I'm not doing recently due to the cold).

I don't remember either of the books, but would love to be dancing right now - especially if there was a Motown band.

Have a great Tuesday!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Wow..I almost couldn't find the bottom of these comments...(puff puff!) sweet blogger wrote that she had spray painted a hanging chandelier. I think her husband didn't want to try and take it they masked everything and did it. I am considering doing it also. So, Yes! :) Now I am going back and see what I missed! :):)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Do I ever hide? YES, when I don't have my bra on!!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Blissdom is when you see something gorgeous you have been coveting sitting at the curb for $25.00, such as my coffee table! Huge, square, ornate legs, solid oak and beautiful. Now about to be spray painted BLACK! :) BLISSDOM!!

Melissa Miller said...

Laura you are so cute with you questions!

I have had that happen as well and don't know how to contact people with no blog profile. Hmmm...:)

I do hide when taking photos for sure.

Garden? What garden? It's 30 degrees outside.

I would love to go to a big ole' blogger party!
It sounds like we have all wanted too!

Blissdom? Huh? I have no idea what that is.

Jill said...

Hi Laura,
Thanks for stopping in at Hickory Hollow and leaving a comment. I always enjoy finding new blogs to visit. You asked about what I do in the winter in the garden? Well here in the Midwest...nothing. Now, usually by the middle of March we can start planting potatoes, beets, turnips & radishes. I am soooo ready to be out of the deep freeze.

Enjoyed looking though your past posts, so jealous that you get to go to Canton and Round Top! Love your garden shed!


Marguerite said...

I've had a few followers that fit the description in your first question. I thanked them in the next post and hoped that they read it. I use Windows Photo Gallery and organize them in labeled folders. My garden is usually fine in winter, but I've had to cover the delicate plants, this year and bring all of my patio plants in. And yes, I just want to dance all the time!!! :)

Stacey said...

Oh how funny! Let me hit some of these in no particular order...

Gardens - mine are gorgeous in the summer and I'm very proud of them. In the winter I completely ignore them. I'm not going out there!

I can't figure out how to keep from having shiny spots in my pictures.

Sometimes I do hide. I do this by not answering the phone.

My photos are in folders on the hard drive. I have lost them repeatedly when the terrible horrible no good very bad hard drive crashes. Makes me sad and makes me wish I had an external hard drive.

I don't print my pictures often. I'd like to make a blog book. Have you seen that offer on Dashboard?

Now I have a question for you. As an English teacher, do you just cringe over our grammar errors? I'm laughing because I write on my blog and in comments just as I would talk. Therefore.....I like those dots!

Jenny said...

Hi, wow....I have sparkler brain from trying to think of all these answers. I think I am guilty! of grammer errars, so dont' get too freaked out about them. For spray painting I will tell you from first hand experience that the overspray goes a lot farther then you think it will so make it a big tent...and I live in AZ so I wish I could forget my gardens in the winter but we garden all year! Great blog.

Jenny said...

And your ??? about hiding...I used to feel that way, too. But if you get a chance check out this post on my blog:

Susan Ivy said...

so ok here goes cuz!
my pics are a mess on my computer - on my bucket list!
however i do have an external hard drive and they are saved on there automatically - my laptop has crashed way to many times.
i do ignore my garden in winter and do not get to work in it near as much throughout the year as i would like - that is one of my goals for this year in fact.

i always want to dance and dance like fool in the privacy of my own home but then get a little shy in public - whassup with that!!!

I have hiding down to a science. I can do it right in front of you!

I am all in on the casseroles and baked goods and Motown!! just gimme a call!

I am with stacey and do not consider spelling and punctuation particularly important while enjoying conversating online. Is that considered bad etiquette for blogging?

That's me - Love ya cuz!

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