Monday, January 21, 2013

Entertaining 101: Comfort



Having people in your home is really just about creating a sense of comfort.

Entertaining may not always feel that simple, but it really is.

Their physical comfort is important, of course, but I believe your house can send a message of comfort too.

My house sends me that message every single day.

So last night with teacher friends sitting at my dining room table, that was the message I wanted to send, and I wanted my house to say that too.


And so earlier in the day, dark cream colored roses named Canela (cinnamon) called to me at HEB.

After all, cinnamon is the ultimate comfort spice.

That is how the table evolved with color and texture and warmth.

And then because I love these little salt shakers, I added these (for me).


They make me smile.



Terri said...

I have those same dishes and love the warm colors in them. That's a beautiful and welcoming tablescape!

Debra Howard said...

Gorgeous table. Yes, you are so right about comfort. Guests should feel comfort above all.

Barbara F. said...

Love the color, I adore orange in all its shades. My mom always put out individual s&p's, I have a couple of sets. So elegant. This is a very beautiful table. I want those bird plates!!!!! xo

Karen said...

Beautiful tablescape, Laura!!
Ladybug Creek

Sassy Southern Lady said...

It looks so warm. Love it!

Always Nesting said...


Theresa said...

Beautiful table:) I know it was a wonderful dinner! I love the little salt shaker and roses! Have a blessed day dear Laura, HUGS!

Stacey said...

Your table is beautiful, Laura. What did you serve?

Alex M said...

Pretty! It was always so hard for us to keep our kitty off the table -- especially when there were flowers involved!

Julie said...

Lovely...simply says...Laura! I think we must have been thinking along the same lines this week... about home and creating and what it speaks to visitors :-) (Hugs) to you Laura. Thanks for sharing your beauty and creativity! Enjoyed!

Blondie's Journal said...

Very pretty, Laura. The warm color and textures really set the mood. I hope all of you had a wonderful time!


Pura Vida said...

mmmm...roses that look like mac n cheese!

Unknown said...
I love your beautiful table. It is so warm.

The Gathering Place said...

You have a fun blog and it seems we have some things in common. I noticed you like zinnias and gardening and you teach school, therefore, you must be nice!

Ramblings of a Southern Girl ~ Rhonda G said...

Love the plates! And the beautiful roses in the pretty cut glass vases! You certainly have entertaining down pat! :)


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