Thursday, April 16, 2009

Flashback Due to Withdrawal

{Setting: Room 136, AP American literature class, March 2008}

Good morning students.

Please take out paper and pen for notes. Our focus this morning is an introduction to the philosophy of Ralph Waldo Emerson-

One of the coolest guys you will ever meet.


I know, I know.

Work with me here.

Turn to page 288 in your American literature book.

(Note to teaching self: ask someone to read the quotation, but do not call on anyone in particular. Wait…wait… wait for it -as my grandson would say- bingo! Someone inevitably begins to read- without being called upon to read. I love that. It puts students on edge, which is a really good place for students to be. It’s like saying, “Snap out of it, now let’s get after it.”)

“Whoso would be a man must be a nonconformist.”

So Christopher…(now start calling on them- they’re ready)

Where are you in this?


Vintage Chicken said...

Would you believe that my mom retired after 30 years of teaching Jr. High English/Reading and my sister has been teaching High School Literature for 10+ years - I suppose that's one of the reasons I'm drawn to your blog!

You make me feel right at home, as if I've known you my entire life!

.... Finally.... I've found someone that is normal. HA HA HA! Well,you know what I mean?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Hello~I've just strolled into your blog for my first visit. When I saw *White Spray Paint* I had to take a look see:D I've enjoyed taking a peek at your past posts.
I've seen those moss bunnies throughout blogland and the Target, white(ceramic) birds salt /pepper shakers as well. A cute story of their ventures is circulating from the blogs who have them. I'd like a set of the moss bunnies too. "Great minds think alike!"
I look forward to coming by your charming blog again.
Come by for a visit. The company would be nice.

Sweet wishes,

Dixie said...

Thanks for visiting French Lique and inviting me over... I love your blog! I think retired teachers make some of the best bloggers... A good grasp of the language let's say... LOL

A couple of questions...
What's your favorite color of "white spray paint"
Where in South Texas are you?

We're about 15 miles east of San Antonio... off IH10 between SA and Seguin...

Now that I'm a fan and a follower... I'll be back! blessings. Dixie


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