Sunday, April 5, 2009

Round Top


     Going to Round Top at least once a year has become a rite of passage for my daughters and me.  The goal is for all of us to get to go.  We all meet in Brenham the last week of the sale , arriving from different directions. That didn’t happen this year; my youngest grandson was sick, and our oldest daughter didn’t get to join us. That created a real missing link.

     We are relative newcomers; we have only been doing this for about 4 years.  I simply cannot describe it.  The word overload comes to mind, particularly to my senses and my out of shape muscles. I got back home this afternoon- in time to watch the women’s final four coverage (another great favorite), and I can not move.

     Our middle daughter found wonderful things.  I am sure she will be posting photos on her blog Three Hermanas. By far, she bought the most. There, I said it. I can’t imagine why my girls say I am the leaky cup in the family.

     I bought a pair of these.


     I saw them resting on the ground outside a booth in Warrenton. The price was $95 for the pair.  I almost choked.  My bargain hunting sensibilities don’t count that high. Why did I want them?

     For this.

Patio Frame

     It is almost finished- more pictures later-

     Back to the negotiations. My daughter Lauren said “Ask him if he’ll take less.”

Explanation.  By this time in the day, late Saturday, my eyes were almost crossed. I limped over to the proprietor and asked ,

Would you consider taking less?”

Answer: “Sure, how about $50 for both?”

My answer: “Sold.”

I was feeling a little light-headed at this point, or I might not have agreed. Keep in mind this was the last weekend of a week-long sale, and I am sure he didn’t want to pack up what was left. Regardless of all of that mumbo jumbo, they are wonderful, and I love them.

     My youngest daughter Katherine found these. She collects milk glass and now plans to collect Jadeite. She also got two wonderful vintage belts.


     If you had plans to get rowdy while in Round Top, there was this to dissuade you.


I was so inspired on this trip; my house bucket list is now a mile longer.

I also have a new object of comfort and flash in my sights: Yellow Box flip flops. Oh woe is me.


Domestic Designer said...

I am glad you had such a great time. Looks like you had some great finds, but I am sure the best part was the time you spent together!

Vintage Chicken said...

OH my!! Round Top? Why have I never heard of such a wonderful place full of bargains and sales? I must discover this!!! I must!

As it is, I'm an avid Canton Shopper and usually try to make the big weekend sale event 5-6 times a year - yes - I'm one of those annoying shoppers with the carts loaded down! :)

Sounds like you had a great time!


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