Wednesday, April 1, 2009



I think I may have a problem with two’s, specifically in terms of symmetry. I am not quite sure if it is serious or not; it just feels right. It is the mutuality of it all:

First you- then me.Two by two. The Bread and the Wine. Tit for tat. Salt and pepper. Compound sentences. Pairs of plates. Brother and sister. Harrison and Mills. Mother and Father. Pairs of lamps, urns, rose bowls, prints, candelabras, shams. John and Laura, two-sided sink, second opinions, mono-vision contacts, two teaching preps, two conference periods?, two -way street.

In our home, when I put something at one end of a piece of furniture, I turn to work on the other.


Sometimes it is because I found two of something. The urns with the Greek key were from the Guild Shop in Houston. The gold urns were from a close-out sale, held in someone’s driveway. I like them both.


I even enjoyed using some of these things at Christmas .

pictures 032

Pairs of lamps are cause for excitement, but I tend to overdo it.


Again, I can’t even resist the urge at Christmas.

pictures 030

Pairs of lamps, candles, Santas. One, two.


Next area of concern. Overuse of fragments, choppy sentences, incorrect punctuation, fill in the blank writing, comma splices, shifts in tenses, leading the reader, arbitrary capitalization, faulty reasoning, rhetorical bedazzling (a term I coined), use of archaic language (coined?), do as I say students of many years’ past (all 5000 of you), not as I do.

Oh, why not? The sky will not fall ,and no one will kill you, contrary to what I told you.

Love, Mrs. H.


Sarah said...

Don't worry...I have a problem with symmetry too...even in landscaping. One day I will post a pic of a little house a few streets will satisfy your OCD about's a dream come true for me and I LOVE it!

Scribbler said...

I too tend to do things in pairs, especially lamps.


Vintage Chicken said...

I feel your pain! I'm a two-er too... (sorry, I bet that broke every rule in the English language.) I just blame my problem on the fact that I have a ton of OCD tendencies and I refuse to admit that I might actually be OCD! LOL

Personally, I don't see anything wrong with your placement of items or the fact that you have two of each! (wink... wink...)

cottage farm villa said...

I get your need for two... I don't necessarily have to have "two" but I have to have "balance" it usually has to be of the same size and blend in color. I know I have OCD tendencies as well as Amy & I am guessing you do to! I wouldn't say it is a problem or serious....just is! If two makes you happy...go for it!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, oops. I mean yes (Mom would kill me). Proper grammar and punctuation seem to go out the window when we're trying to express joy, delight and our real selves in the blogosphere.


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