Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Birds

the birds 3

     OK ladies- back to show and tell.  Remember this movie? You can shout BOO! at me and I get scared, so the thought of birds swarming and attacking seemed believable to a young girl growing up out in the country. Plus my brother hid and jumped out to scare me just about every day of my life.

     At any rate, little did I know…

I now see birds everywhere ,and I am entranced.

Canton (2)

This was at Laurie Anna’s at Canton (on sale).


Next- at an antique mall in Dallas.

Canton (3)

Laurie Anna’s again- on sale- chirp, chirp- I mean cheap, cheap (I know that was a bit much- don’t worry- the ‘cool’ police- also known as my 3 daughters -will let me hear it for that indulgence).


Next, one of my favorite books by Mary Carol Garrity, who everyone knows is amazing. I have all of her books, and her books are my absolute favorite decorating books.


This was my school’s motto.


An iron bird on a plant holder I have outside and…

Canton (30)

This- an embossed paper medallion found in my mother’s garage closet.

And now I am headed outside to water and watch real birds- the best kind.


Carole and Chewy said...

Um. Not to alarm you, but we live a block from our little downtown, and one of the buildings has a communications tower on it.
And it's nothing to see huge flocks (thousands and thousands)of birds flying around and towards it, and pretty much over the whole area. So far though, no attacks. They are probably looking for Tippi Heddren, or a phone booth, neither of which we have.

Jo said...

I love that movie! Every time I see a group of birds together I think abt it! I did hear that there might be remake of it.....Jo

Stacey said...

We saw that movie on reruns recently. It's comical how fake it all seems now.

I have a thing for birds too. It didn't dawn on me until I realized I have birds, nests, bird pictures, and the same book. :) It's a good thing.

Debra@CommonGround said...

Funny how movies affect us when we're young! I'm a real birdwatcher, with identification books and even a pair of antique opera glasses for "spying". Only problem, last spring my nosy neighbor thought I was looking at him! Yuck,yuck,yuck! Ha ha.

Sandra said...

Beautiful pictures! My favorite is the iron bird on the plant holder!

Lynn said...

I used to roll my eyes at the concept of "birdwatching"
Now I put food outside my window ti entice them to come to visit so I can Watch them!

Karen said...

I love birds of all kinds and have my field guide identification of birds of North America handy at all times. I used to track each new bird I spotted with all the details of where, when, etc but haven't done that in years. I just enjoy them. Bees on the other hand...

Domestic Designer said...

I love birds too! My husband and I can sit for hours watching them. Have a great day!

Marguerite said...

I had nightmares about that movie for many years. My children thought that was hilarious and teased me about it, when they were growing up. Very nice bird collection. Have a great weekend!

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

You're going to love me...
My "nickname" that my family calls me is..

kid you not!

Bill said...

Hi Laura,
Great post ... I love "The Birds" (have to watch it every few years!). Fun theme for a post ... but your posts are ALWAYS fun!

Hope your weekend goes well ... going shopping by chance? ;)

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Laura! I remember being scared, too! It was a kinder, gentler time and we didin't need worlds of special effects to do the job, either! I love seeing all of your little birdies. I enjoy my real feathered frieds, too...especially the goldfinches! How funny about our recipe choice! Let us know how you do, as will I!! Happy weekend...Debbie

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

I've never looked at flocks of birds sitting on the telephone wires the same since that movie!

We love watching the birds in our backyard. We have several feeders and we plant shrubs etc specifically for berries for the birds (although that doesn't stop them from pecking my veg and fruit)!


Candy said...

Welcome to my following friends...another Texas gal. I really would like to have a weekend party to gather those close. But waiting for cooler weather.
Loved your 'picture book' story of the birds. Does your brother still scare you? ;-)

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Nope.......I've never seen that movie....nope, not Jaws either. Ditto any scary movie. I'm a chicken. But I DO love birds. I'll take them on anything and everything. Aren't they wonderful?

Have a great weekend.



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