Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Show and Tell

As I sat down to write this evening, my mind at first went to ideas I wanted to share , including photos of some of my favorite things.

I am sure I will return to that wonderful, mutual show and tell that we all share in blog land. This genuine show and tell is not about ‘stuff’, as the naysayers might describe it.

It reminds me more of that time in life when I was newly married, and my parents would come from out of town to see us. I would literally tug my mother from room to room , showing her what I had made, how I had arranged things, what I had cooked.

That was NOT about stuff. It was about connection; it was symbiotic; it was the best kind of show and tell; it was mutual.

I know the value of life is not in the bird plate I am dying to show you or in the fact that I now ‘see’ birds everywhere (as figurines or as paintings on plates).

Tonight my thoughts are more about other things- in no particular order-

how much I love writing and rolling words around in my mind and throwing them out on the page like the jacks I played with as a child- how will they land?

I am thinking about the day to day issues of life , the blessed gratitude to God I feel , the admiration and wonder I experience when reading all of your amazing blogs, the things I have learned about gardening and frugality and making do with what one has, the list of projects and ideas I have that are multiplying so so fast and trying to incorporate those things in my daily life.

I am thinking about the love I have for my family and my desire to be a fly on the wall in my oldest grandson’s kindergarten classroom this year.

He is such a little man, with a brilliant, tender soul. I want to watch every second of his learning and thinking. He is an amazing thinker.

I want to watch his show and tell.


Barbara Jean said...

That was beautiful.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

Barbara Jean

donna baker said...

As I sit quietly reading, I continue to be amazed at the kind, thoughtful people I meet in the land of blog.

Debra@CommonGround said...

So very true, it's all about connection!

susan said...

You know may BE his Show and Tell :)

Cathy~Mille Fleur said...

Oh are a poet!!! You have the most elegant way of putting feelings into words!!! I love coming here and being moved by your sincerity!!!

Simply lovely!!!


trash talk said...

Laura, if all you have to do is roll words around in your head and just throw them, what a gift! They always land perfectly and leave me in awe of your ease in turning ordinary words into music notes. To be able to express oneself the way you do is an artform and I'm so glad you share it with us.

Blondie's Journal said...

I knew at some point, Laura, that you were going to let loose with the talent you have for writing. Writing about all things, especially your great love for your grandchildren. And so I have been patiently waiting and am happy to see a start. And you will with me too...

We do and will always love the show and tell but sometimes we need to start at the bottom of our hearts.

You are a sweetheart, Laura.


Sandra said...

Beautiful post. And through my show and tell I guess I wanted and still want that nod and pat that says "this is great, beautiful and we love it and we love you." I hope your gran's kindergarten teacher can say that to him everyday in some way. Kindergarten is such an important year. It really sets the stage and determines attitude for the rest . . . xoxoxo

Unknown said...

Your post touched such a place in my heart this morning. It is the sharing that is the important thing. I believe that we find joy in seeing the joy in others. Looking at the blogs of many of these young mothers who are making the best from the least to enrich the lives of their family is inspiring.

Kindergarten is a new challenge for a child as well as a parent. As my grandchildren enter the world of school, I too would like to be there, peeking in on the learning and experiences. Since I am a retired elementary teacher, I know what a marvelous time it can be for everyone.

Have a wonderful day.


Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

Laura, thanks for sharing those words. I agree with them! Linda

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Laura.....I am thinking about my grandson starting kindergarten too....I want to be there to watch over him and help him if he needs a fly on the wall. Thanks for your "food for thought!"

Kelly said...

I bet you were awesome at playing jacks!
Great post. I would like to be a fly on the wall Monday morning when my five-year-old nephew starts kindergarten. And also while my son, who's a junior in high school, goes from class to class.

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Can I play jacks with you?
I loved this post and am glad you were able to put into words how I feel at times.
Wishing your sweet grandson a wonderful and successful K year. I know he'll do great and I know you will be amazed and proud how he "blossoms and thrives" this next school year.

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Mornin' my friend...

What a sweet post...and I want to add a hearty "Amen" to all that you said! I can identify with all that you've said so very much!

I was especially touched by your thoughts of your little grandson! Ahhh...those grands are all so precious!!! My thoughts today have also been on my grandson Tony, who I call Bud! He was my very first grandchild...born 17 yrs.! Yes, today he turns 17! He has grown into such a fine young man...he is such a polite and considerate person...has always done very well in school...and most importantly...loves and serves the Lord! I'm so proud of him! you can tell...I'm just an old "gushing" grandma...I am really missing Bud today, he lives in Corpus Christi! Hmmm..thank you for letting me share my heart...just couldn't help myself after reading your endearing thoughts about your grandson!

Warmest wishes,

Pam @ Frippery said...

Laura, You have expressed your feelings so eloquently. A post that will touch many hearts. So glad you share yours with us each week. You have a way of putting your thoughts into words that expresses universal joy and longing that is difficult to put down on paper. Thank you.Hugs, Pam

Jo said...

Such true and sweet words ~ you have a true gift!


Lisa said...

Girrrrrlllll! Where you been?

Kim said...

My goodness Laura, every time I check in to say hi, I see that your followers are growing by leaps and bounds! I've got some serious catching up to do! Good for you girl, and as always, I've enjoyed your post! Take care! Kim

Lavender Chick said...

Just be sure you keep rolling those words around in your head and onto blogger! Love your post... It was lovely.

On another note - I HAVE to know where those fabric warehouses are in Dallas!

LPC said...

Looking forward and just hoping that some day I get to have grandchildren too.

The Fajdich Times said...

Come on over. I'm pleased to give you an award for your blog:)

Designs on 47th Street said...

Laura, I do love reading your words. You are a gifted writer, right along with all your many other talents.

We just seem to have so much in common. Oh, how I remember doing the same as you ~~ dragging my mother through every room in each new home we moved to as a young military wife. I loved to cook for my parents when they were guests in my home. Another similarity, my oldest grandson will be in first grade in a couple of weeks, and like you, I wish I could observe from a tiny little corner, unseen. Your post definitely made me smile.


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