Sunday, August 16, 2009

Time For A Change

     Yes, this is White Spray Paint, and yes it was time for a change.  I wanted a minima stretch layout with a white background for brighter and larger photos, and I wanted to organize my 160 plus posts ,since most of the time I forgot to even include labels. 

Confession:  I do not have the technological skills many of you have ladies, even when you have responded to my millions of questions with,

“It’s so easy.”

     So I enlisted the help of a wonderful blog magician named Jackie.  She is patient, and creative, and patient, and affordable, and patient.  Thank you Jackie.

     Her link is posted at the bottom of my sidebar.

* I now have a button, and if you would like to have it in your sidebar, help yourself.


Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Looks great! On my last blog I had a blog designer do it and install it because I really don't have any idea how to do these things! I know everyone says it's easy, but really if your mind just doesn't work that way it's not so easy!


Unknown said...

Hi Laura, thanks for following my blog! I hope you enjoy. feel free to ask all the questions you want.

I am planting all kinds of stuff right now. Its pretty mild here for the most part. It hit the 80's this weekend. Nights are cooler. My tomatoes areen't ripening yet but we are a few weeks late due to the cooler spring/summer so far.

Im a follower of your blog now too.

The Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Laura - I don't see an email addy for you. So I'll answer you here. That black and white checkered piece is a plate that I attached a mirror to. I actually saw b&W checkered dinner plates at Marshalls last week so check there or else search for b&w check on ebay.


Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Laura.....The new design looks great! I still don't know everything about blogs but it is an ongoing learning experience for sure!

LPC said...

This is a great blog redesign. Clean, clear, nice pictures. Thumbs up over here.

Marguerite said...

Wow, Laura!!! Beautiful, upscale, and refreshing are the first three words that popped into my mind! Love it!!! I think you're right about your having some Cajun blood! lol Thanks for visiting and for your kind comment.

Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings... said...

Nice Laura...Crisp and clean...we all enjoy a redo now and then don't we! xoxo~Kathy~ @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Debbie's Garden said...

This is BEAUTIFUL! Very fresh and light and airy. I'm also not a techkie, I have no idea hot to take someones "button" and put it on my page. help.

Debra@CommonGround said...

You did a beautiful job... AND so organized!

Beth in NC said...

It looks wonderful. I snagged your button. Come get mine if you'd like.

trash talk said...

It looks wonderful and I'm jealous. Everyone is redoing their blogs and mine still looks like "See spot run."! It isn't easy and I'm so afraid I'll delete everything by myself. Maybe I need to get someone with computer savvy to help.
It looks so clean and sharp and I love the header photos.

Lin said...

Very nice changes! I have no idea how to fancy-up my page, maybe someday I will spend some time trying to figure it out.

Sandra said...

It is beautiful!! I love it!! Mine is oh so boring. I love the categories at the top!!

donna baker said...

Me want blog like you but can't barely do anything atall. Guess I'll just have to wait until hell freezes over or someone takes pity on me. Love your new look.

Glimpse of My World said...

Laura, leave me your email address on my blog. Thanks! Valarie

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