Saturday, March 7, 2009

Daily Meditations for the Circling Year

At the flea market Saturday morning, the following things caught my eye:

a round chafing dish- I walked away-no intervention necessary (see previous post),

an enormous book on gardening, and a wicker chair.

I walked away from them all, but I couldn't resist

My Daily Meditation for the Circling Year by John Henry Jowett, first published in 1912. I paid 50 cents.

I was fascinated by the title, particularly the word circling, but truth be told I was first
attracted to its color.
It is raspberry pink.

Sometimes God sends up flares, even from as far back as 1912.

A portion of the forward reads:

"The title of this book sufficiently interprets its purpose. I hope it may lead to such practical meditation upon the Word of God as will supply vision to common tasks, and daily nourishment to the conscience and will. And I trust that it may so engage the thought upon the wonders of meditation, as will fortify the soul ..."
I am relieved at this idea of circling- as in circling back. It makes me think of the importance of this luxury and blessing in real life.
As in-
I can go back, without stopping.
The year continues as does God's grace.
For some crazy reason the word makes me think of the wagon train journeys of pioneer days. I can hear someone in authority on horseback saying, "Let's circle back."
Jumping ahead in history I can see in my mind's eye a brave soldier saying to another, "Hold on, wait here, I'll circle back for help."
These imaginings give 'circling' a powerful historical context.
Sometimes I think I have to try so hard at things- including the Biblical and the spiritual- when in actuality, I can simply enjoy and learn from the history of it all.
This Godly circling is everywhere.


C. Earl Mahan said...

Laura Harrison, I love your blog. I especially liked this post and the idea of "Godly circlings." I'll be circling by from time to time.


Laura said...

Thanks Boss-


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