Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Easy, Lazy, Juicy Chicken

A downside of becoming 'informed' healthwise is the demise of the small kitchen appliance.

At one time or another I have owned and thoroughly enjoyed using a fry daddy,an electric skillet, an electric knife, a crock-pot, the usual waffle iron, a sandwich press (nothing as sophisticated as a panini press- mine was a little more blue collar), a blender, and a Daisy Seal-a-Meal.

I resisted bread makers and immersion blenders out of fear.

The last thing I needed was a way to produce hot, fresh , homeade bread because as my father says:

"A minute on your lips, forever on your hips."

Ironically I have been known to satisfy my genetic urge for hot bread by making cinnamon toast with my Sunbeam toaster.

An immersion blender involved sticking something with an electrical cord into liquid ,which is supposed to result in electrocution. No thank you.

My fondest memories involved my fry-daddy ,or for the less serious fryer, the fry-baby. I could fry an inexpensive bag of frozen french fries( I swear they were sometimes on sale 4 for a $1.00) in nothing flat. Culinary efficiency and economy in one fell swoop.

My electric skillet had a sentimental use: preparing my mother's delicious roast from a rock solid frozen cut of meat. She somehow coaxed a frozen block into a fork tender, perfectly seasoned pot roast- all without teflon coating.

My Daisy-Seal -a Meal transported me to that magical era of 'putting food up' or 'by' ,depending on which grandmother was speaking. True confession: it was all about the sealing. The end result never quite matched that thrill.

About thirty years ago, I did own a pressure cooker. That didn't last long, because I realized I couldn't operate it while hiding in the front yard waiting for an explosion.

Today I have narrowed it down to three necessities.

I must have a Bunn coffeemaker; water in , coffee out- perfect for my early morning impatience.
I must have a heavy duty blender with a glass pitcher. I think they make the best margaritas.

And finally, I must have a crock pot for chili con queso, certainly, but also for

My Easy, Lazy, Juicy Chicken.


place a thawed, rinsed chicken into a crock pot

sprinkle the chicken with TexJoy seasoning

place large chopped pieces of carrots and onions in the crock pot

put the lid on and cook all day

serve with rice

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