Sunday, March 15, 2009

When Did Shoe Rules Change?

When did the rules about shoes change?

There were shoe rules for my generation and certainly for my generation as mothers.

We enforced these rules because we were the end product of a great parenting system:

Guilt and Unforseen Future Catastrophe.

Those were the good old days, and I mean that.

I spent many mornings trying to JAM my precious baby girls' chubby, puffy feet into

white leather StrideRite shoes-

after the seam on their socks was straight, PERFECTLY straight. I bore three adorable

princesses bothered by the pea.

The consequence of not doing this was something both horrible and unimaginable.

Why unimaginable? Because no one ever really told me exactly what would happen if I didn't.

I just knew it could be bad- really, really bad.

How? Because my mother's expression told me so.

(Bravo to today's young mothers for figuring out what works for them.)


Meg said...

LOL! Are you sure you and my mom aren't related? She too shoved my feet into those adorable shoes. I of course hated it then, but LOVE them now and wish that they were easier to come by as I want my future children to wear them. Sorry, but the crocs have got to go ;) And my dad has always called me his princess and the pea :) Too funny!

Nina said...

I love this shoe story. I, too, stuffed my kids fat feet into those white high tops. My son (who is now 32) had to have his special ordered...triple E...boy, were they expensive. But, he was worth it. I wasn't going to let anything horrible happen to those precious feet! My daughter's feet weren't so fat, but she wore them, too!


They make them more comfortable now.Different widths ,thank goodness and even more comfort on the inside.
My son (3) would love those crocs,lol.


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