Sunday, March 29, 2009

It Doesn’t Take Much To Make Me Happy

Fence Trailer It really doesn’t take too terribly much to make me happy. Seeing a trailer parked in the driveway, indicating that something is getting built or repaired, pretty much does it for me.

Add to that the fact that it was a Saturday morning, the weather was mild, the day was beautiful , and wonderful rancheras were playing on the truck radio attached to this trailer. The two men from the fencing company were sitting under one of my trees, heating up their lunch on a hot plate attached to a long, orange extension cord. They were relaxed and visiting quietly while they ate.

My husband had just arrived from out of town, safe and sound, my father had stopped by earlier with the avocado and fig trees ‘wondering what I was up to’, our girls were all safe and well, and I was wearing my soft, leather, broken-in gardening gloves and a baseball cap. I felt young, energetic, and full of life’s possibilities. God is good and all is right in my world.


Domestic Designer said...

I couldn't agree more! A positive attitude goes a long, long way these days! Thanks for stopping by!

cottage farm villa said... this post! I can certainly relate to your thoughts and comments....and all is good in the world when you see and feel simple things and they make your heart soar! :)

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