Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I See You

Thrives in spite of neglect and drought

Wild Olive Tree
Grows for years without any care at all

Mountain Laurel

Withstands the test of time

Once again, I feel humbled by the fact that something beautiful has graced my life and actually thrived, in spite of me.

My amateurish photography isn't going to capture the delight I feel when these beautiful Texas native plants begin to bloom .

I am not what one would call a gardener.

So many days as I left the house for school, I had blinders on. I often came home, list in hand, supper to prepare, daughters' activities to attend, and a patient husband to consider, feeling like I was doing the best I could.

Cultivating and appreciating plants that were determined to grow, with or without water, was not on that list.

So what I want to say today -to all that is around me- is,

"I see you."

"Thank you."

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