Monday, March 9, 2009

Make it Tonight-Wear it Tomorrow

Today I have had sewing on my mind.

This came as a complete surprise. I have not done any sewing in years. The last thing I made was a cowboy baby blanket for my grandson five years ago.

One of the unexpected benefits of blogging has been the inspiration I feel when reading about the creative projects of others.

Young women and mothers are writing on their blogs about finishing their work for the week ,so they can sew all weekend.

I am soooo easily influenced. I want to sew all weekend. Don't laugh friends or daughters- it could happen.

I might do something with this :

or this,

or even this- afterall spring is coming.

We'll see.

These women's blogs have caused me to remember how satisfying these projects can be, whatever they are.

I've never gone too long without doing something creatively for my home, but I did let some things slip away.

Or more accurately , I replaced certain activities with others.

I replaced making simple pieces like pants or skirts for my wardrobe with sale searches at Marshall's and TJ Maxx. I also remember making millions of wrap skirts out of chintz .

There was a legion of us who did cross-stitch, needlepoint, crocheting, and sewing.

It's still there- in our minds and in our hands. Does anyone remember the make it tonight wear it tomorrow patterns?

What are you going to make?


Meg said...

Seriously, now I need to get some chintz and make some wrap skirts since you mentioned it. Although, I don't really know how to make a wrap skirt and sewing in a straight line is still causing me some difficulty ;)

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

I laughed out loud when I saw the title of this post.....I believe it was Simplicity that used to make "Make it Tonight" daughter called them "Buy it today, never see it again"...... :-)



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