Thursday, April 30, 2009

This Foot


Oh the joy of being a grandmother and being able to deal with this foot.

To dust off the bottom of it before putting on tight stretchy socks.

To try as hard yet as gently as I can to somehow fit it into a shoe.

To check for injuries, real or imagined.

To watch it sometimes stomp in anger.

To know that in order to do any of these things, the owner of this foot is sitting in my lap.


Faye said...

Laura,I know what you mean.There is nothing in the world like thoes baby grands!Have a great day! Blessings, Faye

Debbie's Garden said...

So true! I posted some Gr'bebe tooties myself after seeing yours!

Anonymous said...

Aww how true is this? But lucky you are to have this foot in your lap. Blessed more like it.

KBeau said...

There's nothing like it. I will get to see my grandson (and hopefully my new granddaughter if she cooperates and arrives on time) in just a couple of weeks. Can't wait.

The Bloom Girls said...

Hi Laura,
We really are kindred spirits!! I have two grandsons (Beckham - 4 and Crew -3) and I love, love, love them.
I love to chat more about San Miguel with you.
Have a lovely day!
Nola @ The Bloom Girls
(Former Texan and miss it so much!)

Domestic Designer said...

What a lovely post! I don't have any grandchildren yet but I am looking forward to that day!

The Stylish House said...

Two little feet, ten little toes! Every great journey begins with a single step. How nice you are there for the beginning.

The Texas Woman said...

My only grandson is grown and in a snotty, snarly stage but I remember his sweet, better days. Oh, yes, I remember.

The Texas Woman

Kim said...

What an adorable post Laura. And I loved reading all of the comments too. I used to love kissing the bottom of my babies' feet. Seeing them giggle. Sniff sniff. Where's a Kleenex when you need one???

Vintage Chicken said...

Such precious toes... I think I'd kiss each one! I love to nibble on babie toes!

Very Sweet Post!

Joy said...

Love those little Fred Flinstone feet. So precious.
♥ Joy

Southern Lady said...

Oh, Laura ... What a precious picture and sentiments. There's nothing any sweeter than polishing my little "soon-to-be-four" granddaughter's toenails. It makes me sad that she's ALMOST outgrown my lap, though.

Jennifer@woodleycottage said...

what a sweet post!! I miss the tiny toes in my house.

Beth in NC said...

So precious. Nothing like a chubby little foot.

Anonymous said...

What precious-ness. I am glad to meet a fellow Spode Italian collector! :)

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Awe, this post is too sweet. The joys of are so fortunate!
(makes me just want to pinch the little toes)
everything vintage


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