Saturday, October 18, 2014

Day 18: Circling Back



I woke up this morning thinking about words I had previously written (in March of 2009).

I searched for them in my post archives and found that post.

True breaking blogging rules confession:  I don’t write with anything more in mind than the need to write it. 

There really is no artifice here.  This is my quirky, simple and usually enjoyed life for all to see.

Here is that post I wrote that I needed to read this morning.


At the flea market Saturday morning, the following things caught my eye:

a round chafing dish, an enormous book on gardening, and a wicker chair.

I walked away-no intervention necessary .

I walked away from them all, but I couldn't resist My Daily Meditation for the Circling Year by John Henry Jowett, first published in 1912.

I paid 50 cents.

I was fascinated by the title, particularly the word circling, but truth be told I was first

attracted to its color.

It is raspberry pink.

Sometimes God sends up flares, even from as far back as 1912.

A portion of the forward reads:

"The title of this book sufficiently interprets its purpose. I hope it may lead to such practical meditation upon the Word of God as will supply vision to common tasks, and daily nourishment to the conscience and will. And I trust that it may so engage the thought upon the wonders of meditation, as will fortify the soul ..."

I am relieved at this idea of circling- as in circling back.

It makes me think of the importance of this luxury and blessing in real life.

As in-

I can go back, without stopping.

The year continues as does God's grace.

I can circle the wagons in my life as I need to.

For some crazy reason the word makes me think of the wagon train journeys of pioneer days.

I can hear someone in authority on horseback saying, "Let's circle back."

Jumping ahead in history, I can see in my mind's eye a brave soldier saying to another, "Hold on, wait here, I'll circle back. We can’t leave him."

These imaginings give 'circling' a powerful historical context

Sometimes I think I have to try so hard at things- including the Biblical and the spiritual-

when in actuality, I can simply enjoy and learn from the history of it all.

This Godly circling is everywhere.




Pura Vida said...

Oh wow friend, one of your best ones. I love to think what I'll be doing next year, but love to look back at what I was doing last year

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Ancient peoples believed time to be circular, not linear as we do today. Past, present and future are all one. They exist simultaneously. There's something to be said for that view.

Terra said...

You found a delightful book; the author sounds like someone I would like to have a chat with, though he is long gone to heaven I see.
Circling the wagons; I wish we would do that re ebola so it doesn't spread.


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