Sunday, October 5, 2014

Day 5: Ranch Recipe # 15 Simple Acorn Squash

     My Parents, 1950         Tecalitlan, Mexico


Ranch Recipes, which I share here on my blog, are memory laden dishes from my childhood, growing up on a ranch in South Texas.

Ranch Recipes can also be special entries that are too good to omit.

This is just such a recipe.

Always on the lookout for a side dish to serve at Thanksgiving that is delicious and semi-healthy.  My daughters and I created this several years ago.
It’s a keeper and it is simple.

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Easy Acorn Squash
side dish to serve at Thanksgiving that is delicious and semi-healthy.
  • individual acorn squash
  • pat for each acorn squash butter
  • sprinkles cinnamon
  • sprinkles sugar
  • Instructions:

Take the number of acorn squash you need (each squash will be cut into 4 pieces) and poke a hole into each squash and microwave them for 10 minutes. If they have not softened, keep microwaving them in 3-4 minute intervals. Remove the squash from the microwave carefully. They will be VERY hot. Slice each one in half and remove the seeds. Slice each half in half. Place these halves on a cookie sheet. Place a pat of butter on each serving. Sprinkle each serving with cinnamon and sugar or sweetener. Bake at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes.

I hope this made sense!  It really is simple and easy.  It is the perfect fall recipe.



Pom Pom said...

Hi Laura! Oh, acorn squash! I bookmarked your sweet sounding recipe. I love the photo of your parents. You must write more about life on the ranch!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I'm pinning because it's low carb!
I can alter the sweetener-- for my T2 Diabetic needs.
always looking for something healthy!
It sounds delicious.
I also love the photo.
have a blessed Sunday!

Granny Marigold said...

I love simple recipes and I love squash so I'll definitely be making this very soon!

Anonymous said...

I am loving your series. Who knew you could microwave acorn squash and then bake them. This is a great tip. May I return the favor. A lady at SurLaTable gave me a tip for peeling butternut squash so you don't have to get out the chainsaw. Score the sides with a knife, parboil them in water for 10 minutes, take out, let cool and then peel like a potato. They are then ready to be baked, boiled, or frozen.


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